Saturday 23 February 2013


It’s my son and daughters birthday this weekend and we will be celebrating at Brendan’s house today. Unfortunately, Maegan won’t be there in person, but as always, she will be in our hearts. I hope that she has a good time with friends or just a nice quiet time, whichever she prefers. I kind of like it quiet, but a party can be nice too.
The party will be around supper time and we are bringing the main course from Chicken on the Way which is a local chicken place that has been making good fried food that is incredibly bad for you for about sixty years now. It has been a Calgary landmark and until recently (last couple of years) I had never eaten anything from there. Not that I am opposed to chicken or deep fried goodness, it’s just that the original location was a 25 minute drive away and if I wanted chicken, I could make my own or go and visit the Colonel. Luckily, one of the franchise locations opened up a few blocks away and even though I shouldn’t eat this kind of food…I do.

We picked up the food and went to Brendan’s where we met up with Brendan, Tara, Chris, Arwen, Hurricane and Tornado. They were waiting for the main course to arrive and before Finn had stopped the wild tail wagging we were sitting down. The meal was delicious as was the Maple butter birthday cake which Tara lovingly made.

Good meal, good people and good conversations. I am aware that there are many people that don’t get along well with their family for a variety of reasons, but I have to say that I really like these people. Well, most of the time. Every now and then they get on my nerves, but I would wager that I am more of a pain in the ass to them than they are to me.

The highlight of tonight was when Tornado and I were in the basement drawing on the chalk board. Well, I was drawing and Tornado was erasing. There was one point when he was slapping my chest and I thought he was just pretend fighting. It turns out that he was cleaning the chalk brush on Poppa.

You know, once you retire you sometimes wonder if you have a purpose left in the world. I guess my new purpose is to be the thing you bang the brushes against. Works for me.

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