Friday, 8 February 2013

Drawing a Blank

I’ve mentioned that I have been working on a temporary basis for the Post Office doing what are called Volume Counts. Just as the name implies, I and about twenty other people count all of the letters and magazines on each letter carrier route so that the Post Office can restructure the delivery routes. They normally do this when they figure a way to make the routes just a little longer, thus cutting out one or two routes per depot which will save the corporation millions when done nationally.

These particular volume counts are just a little different than the ones in the past. The changes that are happening now are unprecedented and will alter the face of the Post Office forever. The mail delivery that Canadians have come to know over the years will change, mainly due to mechanization I suppose. I am just glad that I don’t have to be a carrier when the change occurs. I could explain some of the changes, but unless you know the way it was before, the description won’t mean much to you.

They give the counters name tags to hang around our neck so that the supervisors and the letter carriers can call us by name I suppose. Most of the counters just don’t bother with the name tags. I wish they would, but that is because I tend to have difficulty remembering names and the tags would make it seem that I cared enough to remember their names. I wear a name tag, because I just assume that others have the same trouble I do and it just makes life easier. The name tags that they gave us were scrawled on a piece of paper with a sharpie, and barely legible.

 I decided that I would make my own and not only have a different classy name tag every day, but I figured it would help my creative juices to flow having to make a different name tag for every day.

I started out just with my name in black and white letters.

Next I did red letters with little stars.

I followed that with my name shaded in pencil.

Then I had the idea to use light bulbs.

The one following was kind of odd with feet and hands.

Poorly drawn letters to look like trees came next.

I did the letters inside of pipes. I liked this one a lot.

I tried to do the name in drops of water, but I’m not sure about how this one looks.

I managed to draw a passable brick wall with my name on a plaque, kind of like a picture I have of an Abbey Road sign from when I was in England.

This next one is supposed to be the tracks made by skiers on the side of a mountain.

The last one I drew was inspired by those Family Circus cartoons in the Sunday coloured comics.

I am trying to come up with another one, but so far the only thing I am drawing is a blank.

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