Sunday 3 February 2013

An Early Spring

We went sledding with Hurricane and Tornado today and just being on the hill with the kids brought back a lot of fond memories.

I can remember sliding out of control down the hill screaming as the snow flew up into my face so that I couldn’t see. It isn’t as if I could have done anything different if I had been able to see where I was going. More than once I took someone’s legs out from under them, just as I was turned ass over tea kettle more than once. If the hill was crowded, you couldn’t just lay there in the snow waiting for your heart to catch up with you or someone would run you and the sled over.

Today the hill wasn’t crowded and the boys lay on the sleds at the bottom of the hill, just staring up into the blue sky giving their thanks that there are days like today. Hurricane ran up and down the hill with his sled, but Poppa had to carry Tornado, the sled and his own considerable weight up the hill. All in all, it was a fun time. It is nice to live five minutes from the perfect hill.

In other news, the Super Bowl is over, Louise is happy that some team beat the team in red. I’m just bummed that I couldn’t watch the new commercials on TV but will have to watch on the internet. Football is over, the gopher didn’t see his shadow and that means there will be an early spring…I think. 


  1. Good luck with that forcast of a early spring!You forget all those awful spring snowstorms you endured as postie,a nice thought but highly unlikely. B