Sunday, 10 February 2013

Nodding and Smiling

Today we celebrated our oldest daughter’s birthday. It isn’t polite to talk about a woman’s age, but it’s safe to say that no one is driving a car that old. Well, people that like classic cars might be. Adult birthdays are no where near as much fun as kids birthdays are. Kids actually look forwards to getting older whereas adults tolerate the ageing process at best and at worst they try to deny that they are getting older.

Kids have good reason for looking forwards to getting older, because when they get older they are able to stay up as late as they want. They can eat all of the candy, ice cream and gum whenever they want to eat it. When mom and dad go to places they don’t want to go to, if they are older they don’t have to go. They can ride their bikes where ever they want to and when they get real old they will be able to drive a car. Everything about getting old is good.

They don’t have a fucking clue of course, but dreams are always nice to have. Getting old is …well…it’s…getting old! There are benefits, but most people would go back in time if they could. I would, but I would like to take the knowledge that I have now and squeeze it into a younger body. Unfortunately if you could travel back in time all of the wonderful things that you have in your life would be changed, and I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen. I guess I will just stay older and watch Hurricane and Tornado grow up. Should be a lot of fun because those two guys are nuts.

Everyone left fairly early after dinner, cake and gifts. Arwen and Chris had two sugared up kids to put to sleep and Brendan and Tara had to get ready for a busy work day tomorrow. Yeah…BULLSHIT! They had those excuses, but the real reason was to catch the Grammys. That is all everyone will be talking about at work tomorrow. Who had the best outfit, who had the worst outfit, who won and who lost.

I’m not sure about the Grammys. Most of the people who are up for awards are already successful performing artists. It would be interesting to award those that could really use the exposure to better their careers, but then no one would watch. Personally, I have never really been very interested in a show created to sell more records and to give accolades to those that get loved by thousands every night and make millions of dollars for doing their job. Don’t get me wrong, I think they deserve every thing that comes their way for bring all of that joy to millions of people.

I was never interested in music as more than having it in the back ground. I know there is much more to it than that, but for me it does a good job of filling the silence in my life. I hated going to work and not knowing what went on at the awards show. Not as much as I hated having to watch the show itself of course. I thought when I retired I wouldn’t have to listen to all of the talk about the Who-gives-a-shit awards at work. Turns out that I am going to be working tomorrow and we have nothing to do for the first hour except to talk. Guess what every one will be talking about? So, here I am listening to the Grammys while I write this blog, so maybe I might be able to participate in the conversations. The only music I even recognize are the jingles on the commercials and the only music I even remotely like would be the jingles on the commercials.

I will try to bring the conversation around to the commercials tomorrow, but somehow I have a feeling I will just be nodding and smiling a lot tomorrow morning.

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