Friday 15 February 2013

Fireworks, Gunfire or Auto body

I am sitting here listening to muffles bangs from somewhere outside. It sounds kind of like a fireworks display is being set off. I don’t remember hearing about a fireworks demonstration for tonight and for the life of me I can’t think why there would be fireworks in the middle of February.
It is possible that the city is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the 1988 Winter Olympics. They have been going on and on about the Olympics for the past week or two. It was a great time, and I’d like to see another winter Olympics granted to Calgary. We did do a great job, and more than likely would again. That still wouldn’t explain the fireworks.
I suppose that there could be a gun battle of sorts going on in the neighbourhood. I wouldn’t find out about it until the 11:00 o’clock News. No, it couldn’t be a gun battle because I don’t hear any sirens and there would surely be sirens if there was a gun battle. Eventually…

My next door neighbour is a kind of backyard mechanic. He does a fair amount of body work and I suppose that he could be pounding out some dents, but generally speaking he is quite thoughtful about the time and the noise he makes. There was another body guy on the other side of me. I call him Bob the Asshole. It seems that his wife felt the same way and kicked his sorry ass out of the house a few months ago. That doesn’t mean he isn’t back and doing body work in the garage, but somehow I doubt it.
I’m going with the fireworks. Let’s say that they are celebrating a combination of the past glory days of the Olympics and a celebration of Family Day. Now I suppose the question is “Why didn’t anyone tell me?” Perhaps I am on some list somewhere that wants to keep me in the dark. I wouldn’t have gone out anyways, but I would have liked to know. It seems that I only find out about the cool activities after they have happened. I’ve complained about this before to the kids and they all seem to have known about what is happening. It must be me. I just don’t give a shit about these city things because they tend to draw crowds and I tend to avoid crowds.

 Fireworks, gunfire or auto body, I don’t care just so long as they shut the hell up by the time I go to bed!

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