Sunday 11 November 2012

Where is That Dream Book

I had another of those odd dreams last night. I don’t often remember my dreams, but when I do it seems that they are the weird ones. If I don’t write the gist of the dream down right away, it will disappear over the day until I can only remember that I had an odd dream that had something to do about…

I wonder why we dream at all? There doesn’t seem to be a consensus as to what a dream is, why we dream or what benefit dreams have. There are a lot of theories, but from what I have read it is one of those mysteries of life. Hell, they don’t even know exactly what sleeping does for us. Well, not all of the things sleeping does for us. I bought a book on the meaning of dreams for Louise once, but it was and is very difficult to apply in specific situations. I guess that is why people that are in touch with the world’s psychic energy flows are the best ones to interpret your dreams.

The dream last night involved the old phone I picked up a few days ago. This guy I know (I didn’t really know him and have never seen him in my life) took me to a store that specialized in converting old phones so that they could be used today. I must have left it there earlier, because I was here to pick it up. Everyone was very excited and when they showed me how they had taken my phone and built it into an extra large phone booth they positively beamed. I couldn’t believe what they had done. They had taken the old bakelite shell and replaced it with a modern, beige plastic one that had push buttons instead of the chrome rotary dial that I liked.

I said “What have you done to my phone?”

They smiled at me and then at each other and said “Fantastic isn’t it? It only will only cost you $263.98, but we figured we would round it off at $270”

It wasn’t fantastic, and that isn’t a good way to round things off. I couldn’t believe my phone which didn’t look anything like my phone was costing $270, and what the hell was I going to do with a double sized phone booth?

Somehow my buddy (I don’t really know this guy) and I went back to my place which was a combination of my parents old home and my place. We were in the front yard talking; I can only assume I was giving him shit for talking me into letting those bozos ruin my phone, when two very tall, thin, grey aliens with air guns threatened us. Aliens? Air guns? This is some mixed up crap. One of the aliens kept me and one of the neighbour kids on the front lawn while the other took my buddy inside. The alien hears a noise from inside the house and when he turns his head, the kid drifts him with a piece of rebar, and tells me to call 911. I ran to the phone booth and wouldn’t you know it, the phone didn’t work!

The kid jumps on the aliens back and tells me to get something to tie the alien up with. There was nothing around and I sure as hell wasn’t going into the house to get something. I pulled on a weed and kept pulling, eventually the roots came out but they were attached to another root and eventually I pulled what must have been two hundred carrots out of the ground. They all came attached to a line or root. I knew this wasn’t normal, but I had an alien to tie up. When the carrots pulled out of the ground, a part of the fence fell down and I could see my buddy and the other alien walking away arm in arm through the back yard.

That was where I woke up. I never found out what really happened to my phone, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t pay $270 for the phone booth. I don’t even know what happened to the aliens or why they were here in the first place. Oh, and what’s with all of those carrots? Who was that kid? …

Where is that dream book…?

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