Sunday 25 November 2012

I Had To Go For a Hernia Operation

100th Grey Cup Festival - Toronto 2012
Well, today was the day of the big game.

The Calgary Stampeders were the favourites going into the game, but unfortunately for them the favourites don’t always win. The Toronto Argonauts won the game and they were the better team from the minute it started. I was born in Toronto and have lived in Calgary for a good part of my adult life, so I didn’t really care who won because both teams are my home team. The other reason I didn’t care who won the game is that I just don’t care who wins any football game really.

Football, like most professional sports is more about entertainment and marketing than they are about sport. Let’s just say what it is really about is the money. There wouldn’t be professional teams as we know them if there wasn’t a lot of money involved. The players would have real jobs and play ball at nights or on the weekends instead of making hundreds of thousands of dollars to play the game they love. The fans shell out hundreds of dollars for tickets and an equal amount for their team’s jersey. Not to mention souvenirs and knick knacks depicting something about that favourite player.

I guess the end result of all this hoopla is that this sport and this game make millions of people happy. They can escape into a world where their heroes battle the heroes from another town. They can watch a game every day of the week, almost, and escape into this sport fantasy world for a couple of hours. It is probably very therapeutic.

Me? I watch every now and then, and when I see a team losing, that is generally the team I start to cheer for. If there was never another football game on TV, it would be years before I would notice. I sometimes will watch a “big” game so that I can be a part of the next day’s conversations at work or with friends. The problem is that I don’t really know the game and I end up making a fool of myself anyways because I don’t know any of the players names and truth be told I don’t understand the rules all that well. I would be served better if I just said that I had to go for a hernia operation and I missed the game…darn!


Next year we will kick your ass, or that hernia will act up again.

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