Thursday 22 November 2012

A Shocking Experience

I have a small electrical project in the works and I spent a short while getting things organized today. Brendan is going to give me a hand on the weekend and since he just finished wiring his garage, he has all of that electrical knowledge firmly in the front of his brain. I built our basement about 27 years ago, so my memory of the nuts and bolts of the electrical is a trifle sketchy.
Now that I think about it, my knowledge is even less than I thought it was since I had an electrician friend wire the basement for me. Back then I had a fear of dying from electrocution and quite frankly I’m not that comfortable with it now. I suppose that if you had to choose a way to die, being electrocuted wouldn’t be too bad. It would at least be quick, leaving you with only a few seconds to think “Black to black and white to white. Now I remember!” It is certainly better than a lingering and painful passing, but not half as nice going to bed one night and just never getting up again.

I did help Brendan with the garage, but it was more of the “Dad, pass me that blue screw driver or pull this wire as hard as you can.” kind of help. I do remember that we had a little trouble twisting the wires together in all of the junction boxes and fixtures. The wires just wouldn’t co-operate and twist as nicely as the one receptacle that Brendan’s electrician friend did. I think about that kind of thing, and if possible I like to practice twisting so that the next time I am in a twisting situation then I’ll be able to twist like a pro. I was wondering how the pros actually do it. I was thinking that they just have a lot of practice and more than likely a wrist that will turn a full 360°.
That can’t be, there are too many electricians and they can’t all be cyborgs. I suppose they could be, but that would involve a massive cover up at all levels of government. Although I believe the government is capable of trying that kind of cover up, I don’t think they could keep it quiet. Too many people involved. It would explain however why electricians make the kind of money they do…hush money!
I thought I would look for an easier explanation. Lately, I have begun to believe that all things actually make sense if you can just spend the time and give it some serious thought. Take the electricians tool for example. I looked for the proper name, but it appears to be called the electricians tool. There are all sorts of weird little indentations, cutting areas, holes and other mysterious marks and grooves. It turns out that if you put the three or four wires though one of the holes and gently squeeze and rotate the tool, you get a perfect twist on the wires. Then when it is as perfect as perfect can be, just squeeze hard and it will snip the wires off nice and even.

I look forwards to giving this method a try tomorrow on actual wires. I’m hoping that it won’t be a shocking experience. 

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