Tuesday 6 November 2012

When The Sun Rises Over The Prairies

It is one of those nights! You know those nights, when you have nothing to say and need to fill a page so you can say it.

Last night around 12:30, Louise woke me up to say that there is water pouring out of the bathroom cabinet. To give a little back story, she heard the water dripping and thought that I had left the faucet running. I don’t want to tell you what kind of ass she thought that I was, suffice to say she thought I was an ass. She was going to let it drip, but because we are now on the meter, it could cost us money. She got up and that brings the story up to date.

I don’t wake up out of a deep sleep very well. I am always a little foggy, sometimes I pass out and often I just roll over. She needed me to be on my “A” game last night, and other than being somewhat brusque, I stepped up to the plate and hit a solid single. I don’t know where the baseball reference came from either. I went down and turned the water off, grabbed my plumbing toolbox, trouble light, mop and bucket and came up to do battle with the modern day Neptune. I had this same problem about two months ago, so I was pretty confident that I could do the repair in reasonable time. Turns out that reasonable time was about and hour, give or take.

I was kind of hyped afterwards and had trouble getting to sleep. I couldn’t get to sleep because I have made repairs before that didn’t stay repaired and I was waiting for the drip…drip…drip. I am thankful that Louise is a light sleeper. I have never been one to try and sneak into the house late at night stinking of gin and perfume, so her inability to sleep hasn’t negatively affected me. Oh, there have been the “I heard a noise!” nights and often I have been kept awake because there is a storm outside “Real close!” Last night more than made up for everything.

Our house is getting kind of old so I guess there will be a lot of things starting to wear out. I just hope that I can get to them before there is a devastating problem. With Louise on watch we should be just fine.

Hurricane has been sick for the past couple of days. It isn’t good when a kid gets sick, especially for the grand parents. Parents at least can cuddle and take action to help the little guys, but I just have to wait and hear second hand how the bright light in my life is doing. I guess he has a rash and maybe strep throat. Arwen is my baby and now that she has become an adult there is nothing I can really do for her either. Drink plenty of fluids, rest, chicken soup, video games, crappy daytime TV and some serious snuggling is what I prescribe for the two of them.

Hurricane and his mom will be home again tomorrow, and I hope that when the sun rises over the prairies they are feeling much better.

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