Sunday 4 November 2012

Stiff Upper Lip

There is this guy/gal that goes by the name “Anonymous” who leaves comments on my blog. Well, I get a notification that he is leaving a comment on the blog but there is no comment on the actual blog itself. I have no idea how this is accomplished and I suppose that I will have to contact Google to find a way to get to the bottom of it.

I wouldn’t mind if the comment was “What a brilliant, witty and insightful blog! You should write a book of your collected wisdom.” However, this person seems to think I have need of two things, Payday loans and online Viagra. I suppose that given my age, I can almost understand the Viagra thing, but that is kind of personal and I would more than likely go to my own doctor to get it. Who knows what the hell I would get over the “interweb”. Now, as to the payday loans, who gets checks anymore? Doesn’t everyone have automatic bank deposits? That has been the way my pay was dealt with at the Post Office for the last 20 years now and it is certainly the way the pension is handled. I would like to know if anyone is still handed a check on payday.

I remember looking forward to having the boss come around and hand me the paycheque every two weeks. I would always complain that it wasn’t enough and he would say that I wasn’t worth the paper and ink needed to print the cheque. The boss would move on and I would put the mail down and open the drawer that held the special letter opener I kept at my case to use on my cheque. I would go over it to make sure there were no mistakes (the bastards sometimes made mistakes) and then fold it in half, put it in my shirt pocket, slide the letter opener back in the drawer and start to work again.

I would carry that cheque in my pocket all day and on the way home I would stop at the bank and deposit in my account. I chatted with the teller about the weather, how her kids were and invariably it would come up that neither of us were paid what we deserved. Remember tellers? Those were the people that would help you at the bank before they were replaced by machines. My bank book would be updated, I would say “See you in a couple of weeks, unless I win the lottery!” and then I would go home knowing that I was appreciated in this very real and tangible fashion by the people at Canada Post.

So, back to “Anonymous”. Thanks for thinking about me, my financial situation and my sex life, but in the future just FUCK OFF! I imagine you are getting some money from some scum bag business, but I don’t need the services and I will never need the services. I look forward to comments on the blog and to tell you the truth, I don’t get enough. I get excited when I see that there is a comment, but when I see that it is “Anonymous” it is something of a let down.
I think this “Anonymous” is from the Ukraine. Apparently, the men there need help in the bedroom and they just can’t wait until payday to get that help. What I have to say to all of the Ukrainian men, “Stiff upper lip”, or something like that.


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