Tuesday 20 November 2012

Maybe We Need a New Tyrant

You would think that after tens of thousands of years, we humans would be more in control.

Sure, we have tamed wildernesses, explored all of the land masses, sailed the oceans and even ventured off of the planet and walked on the moon. However, for the most part we can’t control our lives worth a shit.

To some degree we do control our lives of course, but for the most part we react to situations that happen to us. We will make plans and as lovely as those plans are, they more often than not turn out quite differently. For instance, I planned for one of my kids to be a rock star and make obscene amounts of money in order for them to keep me in the manner that I wish to become accustomed to. I figured I had three chances, but none of them could carry a tune in a bucket. Maegan did play the trumpet and Brendan played the trombone in high school, but it was pretty painful to listen to for the most part. Not painful in the sense that rap or hip-hop can be, but more along the lines of fingernails on a blackboard painful. Arwen listened to music and I am sure she would play a mean tambourine.

I really blame myself. I don’t have any musical leanings or talent and I suppose that if there is anything to genetics, the kids started out with a strike or two against them. I suppose that I could pin my hopes on Hurricane and Tornado, but even if they do achieve stardom, the best that I will be able to hope for is a really good care facility. I guess that I will be good with that. They both can dance pretty well…Maybe they will be the new Nicholas Brothers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBb9hTyLjfM

I know how to play chess, and I will often plan three or four moves in advance. The problem is that my opponent never seems to see the moves that I have seen and they do something entirely different. Stupid game! Again, no damned control.

People will often do things that are so totally opposite to what I figured they would do, that it is almost laughable. Almost! I don’t really expect too much, but I do wish for them to be thoughtful and caring about others. In any given situation I am often disappointed by the way we act. I have no control and I’m not sure I would like ultimate control over people. It hasn’t been very successful historically. In fact we call the people that try this kind of control “dictators”, Emperors” or “tyrants”. They are not really successful for any length of time anyways.

I will continue to hope that people will control their baser natures and I will try to control mine. I guess that the best advice can be found in most of the great religious texts. We should treat those around us as we would wish to be treated. Simple rule really, but evidently not so easy to follow.

Maybe we need a new tyrant…Hurricane, first Emperor of the world!


  1. The golden rule...what a concept....
    I think too many people are self-centered. They don't think about how anyone else might feel.
    That is why I enjoy your blog. You are a caring person and it shows through, no matter what the subject is.
    Thank you.

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