Saturday 17 November 2012


What the hell is “linked in”?

I just emptied my spam box and found all of these messages that people left me through “linkedin”. The messages were all from women which is suspicious right from the get go. I am just not that popular with any one, let alone strange women whose names seem to be vaguely familiar. I deleted them and I’ll just let the curious part of my brain stew for a while. It has only ever gotten me into trouble anyways.

It did get me to wondering just how involved these internet scam artists get. I am sure that there have been studies and papers written on the kind of names that will put you at ease. Names that you can trust just by the sound of them. Names that make you want to buy whatever they are selling, without thinking too much. Perhaps they are names of trusted friends like Karen, John, Don, Brian, Louise and Donna. I would imagine that these scumbags (not my friends) have the ability to sample your emails and take names of your contacts that lull you into a false and trusting sense of security.

Maybe I should get my friends to change their names for the emails. Names like Adolf, Mitt, Stalin, Stephen, George, Attila, Robespierre, Khomeini, Idi and Vlad are a few names that come to mind. I am pretty sure that if Attila Johnson sent me an email to buy bulk Viagra I would just delete it automatically. Adolph Smith could never get me to trust some firm that specialize in payday loans. I like the idea. I think I will suggest it to my buddies and see what they think.

These scam artists spend a lot of time figuring out just how to make a dishonest living. If they spent as much time at a legal trade, they would possibly make more money and guys like me wouldn’t be calling them “scum suckers” or ‘slug shit” all of the time. I’m sure they don’t care what I call them, but they do care about money. Really, all they have to do is to look no farther than the local newspaper and see how truly clever con men make their living. We call them politicians and not only do they make a pile of money, they get streets, public buildings and schools named after them. The really clever ones are the guys behind the politicos who actually make the decisions and skim the most money from the tax payer.

It turns out that “linkedin” is a social media site where professionals can get in touch with each other. Could there be professional retired, coffee drinkers out there that like my style? I am pretty good at what I do, but I don’t think I want to join an association. I am currently getting screwed over by PSAC over dues and I don’t think I could afford coffee and dues. Maybe I should start a social media site for the retired professionals. I could call it “Linkedout”, and our mission statement would just be a blank space. No dues, no work and no co-workers. I like it already…where do I sign up?

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  1. Linkedout is a good idea. I want to join.