Monday 5 November 2012

Cats and Ladders

Do you believe in signs?
I do. I don’t walk under ladders and when others do so I have to force myself not to make the sign of the cross. I’m not even Catholic! My son will walk under ladders and scoffs at me when I go out of my way to avoid doing so. No, nothing has ever come of someone walking under a ladder that I am aware of. Yet.
Thankfully there aren’t very many black cats around. I wish there were fewer cats around period, but that is more due to my allergies than bad mojo. I would see a black cat every now and then when I was walking around delivering mail. Normally they would meander away from me, but the odd time they would walk right in front of me and effectively cut off all access to a house. They would get their mail the next day, so no harm, no foul. Only once did I have to cut off a whole street for the day and I’m not sure if that were fear of the black cat or just plain laziness.
I remember reading in a book by Lobsang Rampa that cats are very, very, very smart and the monks in Tibet would use them as guards in the monasteries. I am sure that they are smart, but they were more than likely Siamese cats, not at all black voodoo cats. I question the wisdom of having cats as guards, they can be ferocious I suppose but they are cats and what could they do against several battalions of Chinese troops? The monks would have been better off with lions, tigers or snow leopards.

If you have any sense, whenever you say “I have been lucky so far…” you should knock on wood. You may not believe that it will do any good, but do you think it will do something bad? What have you got to lose? While you are at it, you might just as well accept Jesus as your personal saviour. It pays to have all of your bases covered. I just hope that the JW’s don’t have the direct line to God, or the Mormons for that matter. Not to mention all of those weird splinter sects of Christianity or the Islam faiths.

Kind of off topic, but what the Hell, no one paid for this. The sign that I am thinking about is that almost all of my clothes are wearing out at the same time. I am pretty sure that the universe isn’t interested in my being naked. No one else is either, come to think of it. I ran out of shorts at the end of the summer and of course there was only winter clothing available. My t-shirts are all getting either “bally” or “frayed”, so it is only a matter of time when I won’t be able to wear them in polite company. Thankfully, most of the people I know aren’t very polite. I am down to two pair of shoes, one pair of jeans and my socks have reached their best before date. I know you are wondering about my underwear, but you can keep wondering. The only thing that I have a lot of is baseball caps.

I don’t know what it means. Okay, I imagine it means that I should go and do some shopping for clothes. Specifically I need to shop for t-shirts, jeans, socks, shorts and yes, underwear.  It could mean that I am about to make a fresh start in life and I need to rid myself of my old clothes. I just hope that when I go shopping, there are no cats or ladders in front of the stores.

Thanks for the comments Milkpod.

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