Wednesday 30 May 2012

I’ll Pick The Movie

We went to Costco just before it closed tonight in order to pay for our membership. On the way out I just wanted to have a look at the electronics section to see the things that I want but don’t need. Did you know that there is a camera that is not only water and shock proof, but it also has GPS capabilities? How absolutely incredible! Now when I am lost, I just have to take a picture and the camera will tell me where I am. No more having to ask strangers for directions.
Fujifilm FinePix XP50
When we got to our car there was a guy getting in a truck that was parked beside us. I smiled at him and he smiled back and said “Do you like to go to the pictures?” I figured that this guy was at best trying to sell me Cineplex passes, and at worst wanted me just a little closer so that he could sever my head cleanly from my shoulders. I suppose there could have been in between options, but I have all of the emotions covered with the two extremes.

I told him “Ahhhh…yeah…but we don’t go as often as we used to.” By bringing Louise into the conversation, I figured that I might have company on the trip to heaven or the hospital. He brought out his phone and started to push little buttons while asking me if I knew where the Plaza Theatre is. I said “Isn’t it in Kensington?” and then he holds the phone up and told me that his director sent him a clip. I watched about thirty seconds of what looked to be a fun movie.

“It’s called ‘Universal Ninjas’ and I am kind of the comic relief.”

I couldn’t help but get excited from the contact high he was beaming out. “You must be so proud of yourself!” I said and then told him that I would tell my son who would be more likely to go. “Congratulations and thanks for telling us about the movie. Have a good night!”

You know, I just might go and see this; it might be a fun time.

Strange how chance encounters can just make your day isn’t it? Even stranger is the complexity of this world we live in and the people living here.

I had a friend that I worked with who raised Guinea Pigs. There was a time when he had about 60 I think. Before talking to him I just thought that they were well fed house rats and I couldn’t imagine ever owning one, let alone 60. There are 12 varieties of Guinea Pigs if I remember correctly and some are quite beautiful. They are trainable and every year during the Calgary Stampede, the Guinea Pig breeders would stage a mini chuck wagon race with the pigs taking the place of the horses. Pretty cool, odd, but cool. The Guinea pig should be kept in pairs or in larger groups, lest they suffer from stress and depression. Well, get in line little piggies!
It turns out that in South America the Guinea pig is considered food, and there is a move to try and introduce them into North America as food because they are easy to raise, require less room and reproduce more quickly than traditional livestock. If you believe what you read, they are tasty as well. Dave would never eat his “babies”, but who knows, in a few years we might all be chowing down on “Pigs-in-a-Blanket”. I read about a prehistoric Guinea Pig that weighed in between 400 and 600 pounds, it is amazing the kind of information you can pick up just talking to people.
If it comes down to a choice between eating a Guinea Pig or going to an independent movie, I think I’ll pick the movie.

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