Saturday 26 May 2012

Double “0” Doggie

I think that Buster is spying on me.
Oh, I understand that dogs tend to be underfoot all of the time and it is just their nature. I have come to expect him to get in the way when I am walking and to give me that “Can’t you see how hungry I am?” look whenever I have food of any kind. That is as I say, just normal dog behaviour.

What doesn’t seem to be normal is his sneaking around at night. I will wake up and the spot where he sleeps (40% of the middle of the bed) is empty and when I get up he comes right back to bed. I wish I could access the phone records like they do on the TV shows, then I could find out if he is making long distance calls or any calls for that matter. He’s just a dog remember?

He hasn’t been the same on our walks lately either. Oh, they start out the same, but pretty quickly he begins to lose interest and sometimes he just walks beside me instead of trying to pull my arm out of its socket. He lifts his leg to mark his territory, but I feel that he is just going through the motions. He even took a dump and then sniffed it and turned around right away to sniff his own ass, just to check that it was really his. That is what I call distracted.

It is possible that he is tired of being my best friend. Maybe he is jealous of the time I spend with Louise, Hurricane and Tornado or my coffee buddies. He has no need to fear being replaced by any of them. I wouldn’t pick up any of their shit in a bag! Well, maybe Tornado, but he’s the only one. None of them are nearly as happy to see me as Buster is when I have been away. Well, perhaps Hurricane, but some of his love is candy driven I suspect.

Tonight I was working in the garage with the door shut and when I opened the door suddenly, there was Buster, listening at the door. He gave me a guilty look and then ran into the house. Not much of a spy! I caught him later in the evening too, but he was quicker this time and I just saw the doggie door swinging. Sure, it is a possibility he is spying on me, but for what purpose? I have to be one of the most boring people in this part of the world. The only secrets I have are the ones someone else has told me and I am just waiting for someone to want to listen to them. I am something of a sieve when it comes to secrets. Don’t tell me if you want to keep them secrets!

I am going to believe that Buster is just doing his doggie duty and trying to be proactive in protecting me. I’m fine! Leave me alone and do what you used to do, sleep 20 hours a day. Dream of chasing rabbits and eating ice cream off of the floor like you did before. I’ll let you now if I am going to do anything interesting at all, but the chances are you won’t have to lose any sleep.

Good night double “0” doggie, you have kept the airplanes from landing in the back yard and every dog in the neighbourhood knows that they shouldn’t walk in front of the house.

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