Friday 11 May 2012

Attached To Your Nipples

Buster and I were on our walk today and it was just a beautiful day. It wasn’t a great beautiful day that will go on a list of really beautiful days; it was JUST a beautiful day. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, just a little cool, but the clouds were pretty nice, scudding across the sky as if they didn’t have a care in the world.

Did you ever wonder what it is that clouds think of all day? They don’t really have a lot to do, other than go where ever the wind blows. I wonder if when they are floating along, they look down and say to their cloud buddies “Hey doesn’t that look like a cow down there? Oh, I guess it is a cow.” I imagine that just once the cloud would like to tell the wind to piss off and head over that-a-way to see why the river meanders. I have always wondered why a river meanders, and I don’t have the view that a cloud would have. I know, the water will find the easiest way to flow, but eventually it must think to itself what a waste of time all of this meandering is, I should just go straight and save all of that backwards and sideways stuff. All rivers must aspire to be just like the Mississippi, the Ganges or the Nile, nice relaxed rivers that get straight to the point…err…delta.

We ran into a couple of high school kids and I asked them when the school year ended. I think they said the learning part was pretty much over and now it is prep for exams. They will be all done in June. I wished them luck on the exams and walked on. I used to hate this time of year when I was in school, there wasn’t any more time. Throughout the year I could say to myself that I had plenty of time to review the work, I have six months; I have four months; I have two months; I have a month; I have a week; OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE!!! Good times….good times.

Buster and I rounded the corner and we saw something a little weird. You know when you get an EKG or have a holter monitor; they attach these snap things to your chest/brain/whatever and then connect wires to the snaps. The wires then go to some machine which makes a bunch of squiggles on paper that I hope means something to someone. Probably the guys that did reviews in school. Buster and I found a bunch of these snaps on the ground. Whenever I have had these things on my body I either took them off at the lab or at home. I can’t imagine why you would stop on the sidewalk, undo your shirt and proceed to rip these things off of your body. I am one of the lucky ones, having almost no body hair, but some friends of mine have to carry ID when they go to the mountains so they aren’t mistaken for a Sasquatch, and it would really hurt to take them off. Whoever this guy was, he was very hairy. It looked like little patches of fur with a snap on the back. Yeuch!!

Maybe this guy didn’t want his better half to know he was getting tested for chest problems. Like she wouldn’t notice the bare, bleeding, bald spots on his chest. I understand that, family tends to get all excited when you are feeling just a touch off. I figure they will know something is wrong when the cops come to the door or get a call from the ER.

I’m with this guy, rip the damned things off and toss them to the dogs. Just so long as they aren’t attached to your nipples.

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