Sunday 6 May 2012


My daughter called me yesterday and asked me if we would be able to look after Hurricane and Tornado for a few hours. She then went on about whatever reason she had for wanting to drop them off. It was something about Ikea and shelving, but really I didn’t listen after “Would you mind…” I had plans to make.

I don’t care why I get to look after Hurricane and Tornado, I am just happy to spend time with them. I don’t seem to get enough time with them. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that I would resent too much time and to tell you the truth I am not sure I am the best choice for a baby sitter. All that you need to do is to see who my daughter finds to look after her kids. There is something wrong with her.

I made sure that we had something to feed them and enough toys and other diversions. There are multiple DVD’s and kids shows on TV, iPad and other electronic toys which astound and amaze. I guess that I should mention hard copies of books and there is Poppas amazing story telling ability. I scraped the table clean and got the shovel out to get rid of the dust bunnies. I did try the air compressor for dusting once, but that didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. I did the dishes and took out the recycling. In short, I was ready for an invasion of cute.

I was ready at 9:30 but it wasn’t until 11:00 that the vehicle pulled up in front of the house. I remember how tough it was to get everyone fed and moving on a weekend morning, and “spur of the moment” had no meaning whatsoever. I met my little guys at the door and took Tornado from his mom while Hurricane kicked off his shoes and coat and went to play. Arwen and Chris told me that I shouldn’t give them slurpees because they hadn’t listened or didn’t clean or drowned the cat or invaded Poland or some other earth rending, horrible thing. I nodded and assured her that since Louise was out I wouldn’t be driving anywhere for treats. They blew kisses and took off. They had smiles on their faces almost as big as the ones on Hurricane and Tornado.

Why would they think I would take the kids to buy treats when I had lots here? I noticed that both kids seemed to be short one cookie right away, so we went to chocolate chip land. We played in the ball tent and the tunnel for a while and then had a quiet time while eating popsicles. This was about when Louise came home and asked if we had already had lunch. I thought that I was pretty clever telling her that today we are having a reverse lunch and are just now finishing desert. You know, by the look on her face I knew that she wasn’t buying it. The kids were up for something new though. Kids know best I suppose.

A couple of uneaten grilled cheese sandwiches, a few carrots and some grapes later we had juice and a play with stuff break. I read some books and eventually we decided that if we didn’t go to the playground both Louise and I would fall asleep. I forgot how long a three minute walk can take with a two year old. When we got to the playground it didn’t meet with Hurricanes approval, he would like a bigger, flashier playground. I told him next time and that was good enough. Teeter totters, slides and swings kept us busy for an hour or so. For some reason the kids like to kick Poppa in the stomach when on the swing. I just love it when kids laugh with wild abandon.

We made it home in time for iced tea and a cookie, and before you know it, mom and dad came to pick up my guys. Arwen asked what they were drinking and I told her tea. She took a sip! I can’t believe she didn’t trust me. She made a comment about it having more sugar than coke and I thought to myself I should get some coke for the next time. Hurricane was so wired when he left, that he took off running up the side walk, oh to be young and have all of that energy. Good thing he had all of that sugar.

After they left, we tidied up and I had a nap. It isn’t easy being the Candyman…

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  1. Had to tweet this. I ride when I can – but will have to do this all next week. More people certainly should.