Sunday 1 January 2012

Tomorrow…or The Next Day

Hi. I just want to thank everyone that has been reading this blog on a regular or semi regular basis. I enjoy writing it (mostly) and I do hope that you get something out of it as well. To date I have had over 7,000 page views by people from all over the world. It is hard to believe that many people could stumble on my blog.

Thanks again and feel free to comment. Well, except for the guy that keeps sending me advertising as a comment.

Like most of us, I look forward to the New Year with anticipation and hope. I anticipate that I will lose some weight, learn how to play the guitar, teach myself to draw something more complex than a stickman and generate some additional income without doing any actual work. Oh yeah, I want to be a better person and be kind to those less fortunate, blah…blah…blah…

I guess that I will more than likely remain the person that I have been for the past few decades. I have great intentions, but my follow through is often lacking. The only thing that may save my eternal soul is that I tend to surround myself with people of exemplary character. This isn’t intentional, but for some reason it just happens. Now, don’t get me wrong, the people that I hang around with won’t be winning any Nobel prizes like Mother Teresa or Jimmy Carter, but most of them have good intentions. They actually feel good about themselves at the end of the day. I do too, but for me it is because the belief system that I follow doesn’t allow for any guilt or remorse. We simply are the creatures that we are.

So, my plan involves the TV. Well, it involves the absence of TV in my life. I pretty much blame television for eating up all of my free time and destroying any creativity that might just be lurking in one of those wrinkly things in my brain. I actually think that the networks are unwittingly helping me this year. The way that it seems to be going, by the end of February there will only be reality shows on TV and I don’t have the same fascination with Swamp people, auctioneers, hoggers, truckers, great racers, bike builders and any of the myriad other shows that have taken over the airwaves in recent years. Sure some of the shows are compelling, but I think that sitting on your ass watching people actually do something is just a bad way to live your life.

It is sort of like the people that play “Rock Star” on the Nintendo/Xbox or Play station instead of really learning to play an instrument. Yes, I don’t doubt that the game is hard, but so is learning an instrument, and once you get good, you can play that instrument for the rest of your life, but with “Rock Star” someone will sooner or later beat your top score. I just need to toughen up my fingers, tune the guitar and before you know it I will be playing something almost recognizable. I hope! I think I just need to put in an hour or so a day.

I have always wanted to draw and I think this is the year. It would be so nice to play Pictionary and draw a bird or a house that really looks like a bird or a house. I would love to be able to draw an eye that is realistic enough to give the grandkids the willies. It would be nice to be able to draw a “willy” on a bathroom wall that I could be proud of. I think I just need to put in an hour or so a day.

If I can put in a few hours into my carving, I think that I could sell some on Etsy. I do enjoy taking a block of wood and turning it into a pleasing shape. Perhaps I will turn that block of wood into an unpleasant shape and sell it to the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa for a few grand. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

You know, I just might start to write for a living. I would probably have to write something interesting, unlike this blog, but how tough can that be? Just look at all of the books in the library.

So far the year hasn’t gotten off to a stellar beginning; I just cheated on one of those sliding tile puzzles. Maegan can do them in about a minute, but I have yet to ever solve one honestly. The way I see it, is if you weren’t supposed to cheat, they would make it impossible for the tiles to be removed instead of just difficult.

Well, I think I will start all of this tomorrow…or the next day.

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