Saturday 21 January 2012

Do You Like Sex And Travel

I just watched the last few minutes of the Karate Kid, not the original with Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita, but the new version with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. I have always been a fan of underdog movies. I guess I am just a sap that way. Well, other ways too, but that is between my analyst and myself.
I just love sports movies. “Horse Feathers”, ”It happens Every Spring”, “The Longest Yard” (Both), “Knute Rockne”, “Heaven Can Wait”, “Rudy”, “Jerry McGuire”, “Angels In The Outfield”, “Slapshot”, “The Mighty Ducks”, “Chariots Of Fire”, “Run Fatboy Run”, “Teen Wolf”, “Space Jam” and the list just goes on and on. In fact, probably one of my favourite movies is “The Replacements” with Kenau Reeves. I have watched those second string replacement players bring real football back in spite of all of the odds.

I can honestly say that most of my sport knowledge comes from the movies. I will admit that sometimes I have appeared to be the fool when I quoted some fact from a movie as an actual happening when it was in reality the creation of a Hollywood screenwriter that knew less about sports than I do, if that is possible. In the movies, you can pretty well guess who is going to win and even though things look bleak for our team, there is a better than average chance that they will win the game and the girl in the last ten minutes. There is none of this bullshit of the team that you are cheering for actually losing the game because the referee couldn’t see the ball if it were shoved up his ass.
I have never understood the whole cheering for teams anyways. To my way of thinking, they are a bunch of millionaires playing the game they love to play for a bunch of billionaires that are just interested in making more money. We are the poor saps that lay down our hard earned money to watch a game in which only the fans really care about the outcome. Yes, yes, yes, the players are playing to win, but after the uniforms come off they aren’t talking about the game days later and reliving every good or bad play.
When I was working I would try to remember the score of last nights game and if at all possible either listen to the radio on the way to work to find out what happened so that I could talk to the guys at work. My problem was that I just didn’t care, certainly not enough to talk about it in great detail for two hours the next morning. Run two yards, fall down; run two yards, fall down, what the hell is the point? I am in the minority, but surely in the vast scheme of things, the life or death decisions taking place every day are so much more important than which team might make it to the playoffs in three months. You never hear anyone going on about which charity built more schools and hospitals in third world countries faster, and how many lives those hospitals saved.
You know, some of my best friends are sports nuts. My wife is and she is watching Skate Canada that she had taped earlier today right now! She loves football and pretty much any other sport. I have seen her watch golf, hockey, skiing and tennis. Probably others, but they all seem pretty much the same to me. I can and do watch sports, but I tend to always cheer for the losing team. They need it more than the winners. No, give me the movie sports any day. The underdog always wins and you generally care about the players and their little quirks.
Me? I like hiking and cycling, and not a lot of either. With hiking and cycling you get to see something different all of the time and you actually go places. I just know some sports fans are thinking “Hey there Ken…do you like sex and travel?”

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