Sunday 29 January 2012

Take Another One of Those Pills

Fair warning, I am under the influence of some pretty good over the counter drugs. I can’t figure out why I don’t take these things on a regular basis. It isn’t as if I ever operate heavy machinery. I do spend a fair amount of time around razor sharp knives and chisels. Hmmmm…maybe I should ease off on the drugs.

We went out for brunch with Brendan and Tara today and as I was sitting there listening to the talk about their respective jobs, I was thinking that too many of us spend our lives doing things that don’t make us happy. I know that there is no job that is 100% perfect and enjoyable every day. That wouldn’t be fun either. Just to be clear, they seem to enjoy their jobs for the most part.

I suppose that as long as we are chasing a lifestyle that needs to be backed up with money, then the bulk of us will work at jobs that don’t satisfy. There are people that have the proper temperament to be teachers or nurses that simply can’t get a job because there are other people that do exams well. I guess that as long as the requirements for the job is who scores the highest on the tests we will be saddled with people working hard to get raises.

Our society is particularly bad at taking away the joy, pride and workmanship from our jobs. In a large way, we can blame Henry Ford and the assembly line for taking joy and pride out of our work. I know that he didn’t come up with the assembly line concept, but he takes credit for it so the way I figure it he should take the blame as well. Instead of following the car through the entire assembly process, the workers were responsible for three bolts and six screws. “What did you do at work today daddy?” “Oh, I just turned a wrench and twisted a screwdriver. Makes you proud to be alive!”

Where I used to work, it seems that every change and new technique that they bring in is geared towards having a work force that stays focused exclusively on their jobs, with no socialization or even the ability to personalize your work space. I guess the idea is that you might offend someone if they see pictures of you kids and they are unable to have kids. No telling jokes, because someone might be offended. Careful what you say, because someone might find it obscene. Well, I hope so, that is the way that it was intended.

I guess that I am a dinosaur and not fit for the working world anymore. That may be so, but as long as Mister Harper keeps messing with the Canada pension plan, I may indeed have to go back to work. It won’t be too bad, because even if I get fired, I don’t need to put it on my resume. Did I say “if”? I think it will be a forgone conclusion.

I am looking at the computer and it is looking back at me, with this large unblinking rectangular eye, and quite frankly it is freaking me out. I can’t seem to hit just one key at a time, so I think I am pretty much done for today. I think I will take another one of those pills. In for a penny, in for a pound…

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