Friday 20 January 2012

Fingers Crossed

Well, I put off writing the blog for too long tonight, so I will probably make this short.

Today was a pretty good day. It appears as if this is the last really cold day and the Chinook will arrive sometime tonight or tomorrow morning. This must be the same feeling that the soldiers get when word comes down that the war is over. You have a weight that is lifted off of your shoulders, but until you see it in writing it is best to keep your head down. That’s the place where I am right now. I will know when I step outside tomorrow and take a deep breath. If my nostrils don’t slam shut then I won’t be house bound anymore. Well, at least until the hostilities between man and Mother Nature resume once more.

I had to have ultra sound done on my shoulder today to see if I have a rotator cuff injury. I knew the lab was located on the west side of the city, but didn’t realize just how far west the city extends now. Calgary isn’t like a lot of other cities that have a limited space to expand. Most big cities are up against lakes, oceans, large rivers or borders which limit the growth in at least one direction. Calgary on the other hand is in the middle of nowhere really with hundreds of kilometres of nothing surrounding it. I guess the mountains would stop the growth, but they are at least a hundred kilometres west. We just keep growing outwards in all directions and there isn’t anything to stop the growth. It isn’t as if the farmland is good for anything other than cattle and maybe wheat.

I eventually made it to the ultra sound place and if there wasn’t anything wrong with my shoulder when I went in, there is now. That evil bitch folded my arm and shoulder like a little kid trying to make a paper airplane. Lift it, twist it, stretch it, sit on it, grab your other shoulder, touch your knee, it just went on and on. She did use liberal amounts of lubricant so the wand thingy didn’t rip the skin off. Of course she wouldn’t tell me anything about my shoulder other than my doctor will get the results on Tuesday. Hey, did you know that X-rays are digital now? They just did the “clicky” thing and could see if they got the part of the shoulder that they wanted to get without having to develop any film. Isn’t technology grand?

Let’s see, what else happened today? I got a call from Canada post and I have a part time contract for the next six weeks to assemble some sortation cases and help to set up the new Northwest depot. The money will come in handy and will give me something to do. It is mind numbingly boring, but I am eminently qualified for that kind of work. Weak mind and a back to match, just what the doctor ordered.

Tomorrow I find out where the oil is leaking from on my car. If I am lucky, it will just be the crush washer on the drain plug. If I am not lucky then the money from the post office really will come in handy. Fingers crossed!!!!!

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