Sunday 8 January 2012

Good Night and May God Bless

I tend to sleep in on the weekends. It seems odd that I do, because for me the weekends really aren’t any different than any other day. Well, there are generally more people in the stores and coffee shops during the day and all of the assholes that would be at work during the week are on the road being assholes. They have to have their time in the sun I suppose, but why do they have to seek me out and drive in front of me?

It isn’t just the driving either, these same people are shopping when I want to go shopping. I guess that they need to buy groceries, but I am not sure anyone would miss them if they were to starve to death. Perhaps their families might miss them, but certainly not me. While I am being uber critical, why oh why do these people think that they can use the self checkouts? I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. Today there was a guy in shorts and untied running shoes with a sideways baseball cap trying to scan a can of something or other. This doofus can’t even tie his shoes or manage to put his hat on right and for some inexplicable reason he thinks he can do the self checkout. There was this old guy with a cart full of vegetables and fruits and one of those “Gee, aren’t I a dumb fuck!” looks on his face. I commend him for his healthy diet, but fruits and vegetables are the hardest thing to scan and it would really be simpler to let the professional cashier do it. This guy was old enough to be able to go to the store during the week when someone would have the time to talk him through the process.

Oh well, this is probably just God testing me to see if I am worthy. All He had to do was ask, I would have told him that I am probably not worthy and I won’t be for several hundred more lifetimes.

So, for some reason I slept in (could be because I didn’t get to bed until 1:30 AM) and didn’t get up until about 9:30. Now, when I sleep in I tend to be muzzy headed and it takes an hour or so to get all of the neurons firing and the eyes focusing. Now, for those that don’t understand “muzzy”, it is when your brain feels like the back of your tongue after you have been drinking far more red wine than any one human should. So, because I slept in and had to deal with “muzzy” it caused us to cancel our trip to Banff. I hate driving on the highway on a late Sunday afternoon. (See paragraph one.) Truthfully I wasn’t really looking forward to the trip either. The cost to enter the park is now $19.60 which is too much considering I have been paying taxes for 45 years which I thought were going to cover some of those costs. You can get a $2.00 discount if you buy the pass at the Husky just this side of Canmore, but it is the principal. Anyways, no trip to the mountains and now I kind of regret not going.

The rest of the day I just kind of frittered away. We did go and see the progress on the house that Arwen is having built. It is going to be lovely and it is only about 12 minutes away which isn’t too bad. I should go to bed early tonight, because I will be up early tomorrow, it being a workday for everyone else and I need to be bright eyed in order to take Hurricane to playschool. This will be his first day back after his Christmas break. Should be a fun day.

As Red Skelton used to say “Good night and may God bless!”

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  1. It was worth repeating about the dumb doofus at the checkout, they drive me nuts all the time. Like you I try to avoid weekend shopping or any other event for that matter, but Linda always seems to find a reason to go shopping in Naniamo on Saturday. Oh well there are bigger problems in the world but this one still ranks high in my books fucking morons anyway! B