Monday 15 August 2011

My Buddy Bill

My buddy Bill is visiting from Edmonton. We lived together many years ago and have kept in touch over the years. It is always nice to see him and catch up on everything that is going on in his life. Well, I don’t want to know everything, in fact other than general health and wealth questions I would prefer not to know the dirty little secrets. “Dirty” secrets I am up for, but know what I mean.

He spent the past week at Payne Lake which is in southern Alberta about and hour or so from Waterton Lake. Yeah, I have never heard of it either, but Bill assures me that it is a great spot to camp and he even caught a fish. I think it was a trout, but in the picture it looked more like a minnow. Okay, he is going to be pissed if he reads this. It was at least as big as the worm that he used for bait. Yep, still pissed!

Bill spent the week fishing (?) and hiking; they did some climbing and generally had a wonderful relaxing time. My problem is that now I have to compete with Alberta’s pristine wilderness and what is arguably some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. I am pretty much a drag when it is just me, but now I need to show Bill a moderately good time, so that he will have fond memories of his 2011 August vacation.

I like to hit second hand stores, reading and watching TV, and drinking coffee and solving the world problems. I am currently making a braided rag rug. God, I think I just dozed off writing that! You see my challenge. Today we went down to Record Land and wormed our way through the narrow aisles filled with CD’s, records, DVD’s, books, cassette tapes and even 8-track tapes. I can spend hours in there! Not only because it is a fascinating place, but also because I get lost and it takes that long to find the exit.
We also went to an army surplus store and looked at clothes and sundry military equipment that we are about 40 years too old to wear. Neat stuff though!

We stopped for coffee at my favourite Tim’s and when we got home I made a meatloaf for dinner and washed the dishes. I know, on the excitement scale from one to ten, one being the least exciting and 10 being out of this world, today would rate “shitty, bordering on “what the hell were you thinking?”” God helped this evening with a little bit of thunder and a full moon later on.
I guess that my problem is that I have never really been a tourist in Calgary. I am sure that it is a city with many fine and fun things to do, but for the life of me I can’t think of any. So, I will do what most Calgarians do when faced with the same problem...I am going to leave the city. Yep, look out Banff, here we come!
We will take that 1 1/2hour drive and walk the mean streets of Canada’s summer playground which has a view of pristine wilderness and what is arguably some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. I just love to go in and out of the candy, Christmas, ski/hiking/biking, clothing and book stores. Unfortunately, I don’t think Bill likes this as much as I do. We will probably hit the Banff Springs hotel (fantastic place) and check out the hoodoos and the original hot springs. It is hard not to have a good time in Banff. It should be fun.

I have Tornado on Wednesday, so that will limit the fun factor, but we will do what we can. Perhaps I will have an epiphany tonight while I sleep. Sounds like that could be a fancy word for wet dream, but that word is actually Spermatorrhea. See, if you read this on a regular basis you will learn something. Nothing useful of course, but learn it you will. Sweet dreams all...


  1. Thanks for the word of the day ahhhh I think. Knowing the out going person you are you could let Bill float over the weir near the zoo on an inner tube, that will keep him amused for a while! B

  2. I quite enjoy the info you put out there. Keep it coming Lol