Tuesday 30 August 2011

He Is Paying Attention?

I have been thinking lately that the world is a very odd place.  You would think that any sane deity would set things up to actually make sense. Not so this God of ours.

Hell, we can’t even decide how to worship Him, what His name is, or even if He exists. This is no way to run a universe. I have heard speculation during my “searching for an answer” period, that the gods (yes there are many) are simply beings that have jumped through all of the hoops and learned all of the lessons that needed to be learned to advance to Godhood.

I tend to think that the eastern religions or shall I say way of life are nearer to the mark. The whole Christian idea that I could treat people like toe jam, and be a whirling son of a bitch for my whole life and if I were to repent at the end of said life, all would be forgiven. That just doesn’t make any sense. The near eastern religions that tell their adherents they can and should kill certain “western devils” and they will find their reward in paradise with an existence that would make Hugh Heffner jealous. I have some trouble with that as well.

The beliefs that say you should strive to be the best person that you can be and treat others as equals. I kind of like that. Of course with a belief like that it is pretty difficult to accumulate money, gold and jewels, not to mention power. I like to think that those of us that are on this small green and blue planet have a ways to go. It seems like the galactic equivalent of riding the short bus and eating the paste. Just picture our greatest achievements held on to some beings refrigerator with a magnet that says “You should have been a hemorrhoid, you are such a pain in the ass!”

So, all that aside, just suppose that the Buddhists have it right and we go through life after life after life, until finally we have learned all of the lessons this world or dimension has to teach us. I would imagine that just like school, we progress to the next level/planet/dimension and do the whole thing all over again. Of course this can and probably does go on for what seems like forever, with our climb to the top only to find it is the bottom of the next level.

Sort of like the game Snakes and Ladders. You know, ever since they replaced the snakes with chutes, I have no desire to play it any more. I guess the powers that be didn’t want to scare the kids with snakes. If the kid doesn’t know the difference between a cartoon snake on a board and a real snake then he/she really doesn’t belong on this level/planet/dimension. That is just my opinion, and is really the only one that counts in this blog.

So after uncounted eons you or the being that was you at one time will reach Godhead. Cool! Now what? Eventually there will be billions of unemployed Gods, just hanging out at the pool hall or at the local 7/11 drinking slurpees and getting into trouble. That's just this planet, and I am pretty sure that of the 100 sextillion other stars out there in the universe there would be more than a handful of unemployed Gods. Now, since the universe is infinite (or very nearly so) then why not give all of these wannabe Gods a smallish section of universe to rule as they see fit.

Some of these Gods will be great and others, well, lets just say that not everyone pays attention in class, and are promoted simply because they are too old or in order to get them out of the class or level/planet/dimension. I have a feeling that this section of the universe that we are in is being directed by a God that graduated highest in his class. By a good foot and a half.

You might question the wisdom of calling God ahhh....well...slow, but when you look around at the world, there is no way that He is paying attention.


  1. Good sermon now pass the collection plate around so we can get back to reality and everyday living! B

  2. No sense passing the plate. You would just take out whatever was in there. If I did, however, I would do it like the rabbis. Toss the money in the air and whatever God wants he can keep, the rest is mine...

  3. You missed your calling. B

  4. Whats the matter father Ken nobody to go for coffee with that you had to take up somedeep thought to use for your verbal diarea. Ken