Thursday 4 August 2011

Life Is Good!

We had quite a storm last night. Mainly the north side of the city, but there were high winds and driving rain with pea sized hail at our house. Other areas around the city got quarter and golf ball sized hail. Louise was in the south end of the city and coming home at around the time of the storm. I was a little concerned. It is pretty hard to get those tiny dents out of the car. Oh yeah and thank goodness Louise made it home safely.

There were flooded streets all over the city, because the storm sewers just couldn’t take that much rain so quickly. In front of my daughter’s house it looked like a small lake. Accompanying this rain were some very ominous clouds. There was a chance that a tornado would form! There is also a chance that I might win the lottery. If I get to choose I will take the lottery. I have been waiting for one of these storms to come in and flatten my garden. I guess whoever is in charge of fucking me over prefers to do it slowly over a period of months rather than in the seconds that a hail storm would take.

My battles with the Gods of nature isn’t what I started out to write about tonight, so let’s just call a truce and take the night off.

This morning when taking Buster for his walk I couldn’t help but notice how wonderful the world looked. The world was fresh and clean like it must have been at the beginning of time. The dust and grime had washed away with last nights rain and all that was left was pure nature. The smell of the grass and the flowers was intoxicating, well, until Buster did his business. Buster seemed to fit in to the natural world along with the birds and ground squirrels. He would have if he didn't have a collar and leash on.

I was thinking that mankind doesn’t seem to belong here. With our cars spewing noxious fumes and our garbage littering virtually every corner of the globe and our insatiable need to put concrete over everything that is fresh and pure. Perhaps that's why we get rain and snow storms. For a moment, we can see what and how the world is supposed to be. There is nothing more lovely than going for a walk just after a snowstorm when everything is covered in a thick blanket of white.

When I was walking this morning I thought of Noah and the flood. I have no doubt that it was a terrible flood and many lives were lost. I can imagine a terrible rainstorm and a tsunami would have devastated those early people. The hand of God came down and cleansed the land of evil, leaving the pious and the just to carry on. They say that in tragic circumstances there are no atheists, and I can believe it.  It wasn’t being pious that saved them, it was dumb luck. Maybe Noah took his family and animals to the summer pastures in the mountain earlier than usual. Can you imagine what it would have looked like when he came down from on high? That would give you faith if nothing else did.

I don’t know if that is the truth, but when you are standing at the side of a busy street watching your dog disgrace himself, you have the time to dabble in esoteric thought. I do know that the birds were singing and there was a lovely fragrance in the air.

Life is good!

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