Saturday 26 December 2015

Wait Till You See

Okay, so I went to see the new Star Wars movie "The Force Awakens" today. I suppose that it will be referred to as TFA by all of the geeky fans, so we may just aw well get used to the initials. God knows that these guys are too busy to spend the time saying the actual words. J.J. Abrams should just use initials instead of words for the title for the next instalment and give the geeks something to actually talk about. Once you and your friends have seen a movie 17 or 18 times, there really isn’t a lot to talk about.

I should mention that I am something of a geek too, although I can’t touch some of the fans for craziness.

TFA is a really well done movie and I think anyone would be hard pressed to find anything of import to criticize. Go and see it on a big screen for the first time and when you buy it on DVD you can slow it down and rewind to your hearts content. Personally, I wouldn’t waste the extra couple of bucks for 3-D, but to each his own. I liked it on the regular screen and other movies that I have watched in 3-D didn’t seem to benefit from the treatment. Perhaps in the future the technology will improve.

There was big secrecy of the plot line of the movie before it was released and now that it is in theatres there is still secrecy. NO SPOILERS!!!!! If someone had told me that Jabba was a big slug like creature before I saw the second movie, it wouldn’t have ruined the movie for me. In fact, someone could have told me the entire plot line of this movie and I would have still wanted to see it. There are very few people on the planet that can paint a verbal picture to rival the special effects team at Industrial Light and Magic.

I am looking forward to getting the DVD when it comes out in six months or so. There was just too much going on to absorb it all, but I am far too cheap to shell out any more to see it in a theatre. It might be hard for me to keep the secret, but I will try.

I won’t ruin it for you, but just wait till you see….

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