Wednesday 23 December 2015

Just Magical

Okay, just a quick one as I am exhausted from an influx of too much holiday energy. We had a sleepover last night with Hurricane and Tornado. They are always full of energy, but Christmas seems to bring an extra burst. That is as it should be.

We began the night by having them make their own pizzas and after, they had more Gingerbread houses to decorate. Okay, they had more candy to eat. We knew it was foolish, but this is the time of year to push the boundaries of sugary foolishness. We watched a Christmas show and then put them on the long road towards bedtime.

Morning began with two squirmy kids in our bed and a long, rambling story of a dream that Tornado had. I think that the dream was embellished in the telling, but that is what makes a story worth listening to. Breakfast and getting dressed, followed by assembling a couple of Lee Valley Christmas decorations which was more work for me than for them. It was not a really kid friendly project, but what the hell.

From there we went down to the workroom and put the finishing touches on a couple of wooden swords which vaguely resembled the ones carried by the Roman legions thousands of years ago. For some reason, the handles had to be silver and one blade was green and the other blue. Mine is not to reason why… I am aware that swords are not the thing a mom wants her kids to bring home from Poppas, but I also realize that it is the kind of thing I would have liked to bring home. Moms and Poppas have different priorities in life.

After lunch, we suited up and loaded the car with an assortment of sleds, toboggans, flying saucers and crazy carpets. Not so surprisingly, they are the same ones that their mom slid down hills with when she was younger. The boys had a ball and Louise and I enjoyed watching the pure enjoyment brought on when one small boy crashes into another…backwards. It was magic!

I remembered the fun I used to have when I was little, and was sorely tempted to join the fun. Unfortunately my knee was giving me trouble and common sense reared its ugly head. I will live with the memories until the next time.

I have some friends that are living in a snowless environment since they have retired and I totally understand the draw. However, watching Hurricane and Tornado today makes up for a lot of warm weather. I doubt I will feel the same way come February, but with two days till Christmas the warmth of standing on a frozen hilltop watching my grand children laugh while covered with snow is just magical.

They are such good boys, I am sure that Santa will be making a stop at their house come Christmas Eve.

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  1. It still feels like Xmas out on the island, but yes the snow on the ground would be nice.....nah! You can have it, but I'm green with envy! Merry Xmas Ken. B