Thursday 17 December 2015

Three Favourite Toes

Just a quick blog about a new pet peeve of mine.

I have been hearing the news people on radio and TV talk about the late autumn snowfall we had last night. In the past few weeks they have been mentioning the unseasonably warm or cold weather for late fall, saying that this kind of weather is more winter like than autumn.

Yes, technically it is still fall until the winter solstice which happens on the 22nd of December. In Calgary it happens at 9:49PM December 21st to be exact. The solstice occurs when the earth is tilted -23.5° away from the sun. That is all fine and good for the weather geeks out there who care about such things.

My point is that unless you happen to live in North Carolina or on Vancouver Island, winter has been around for quite a while. You can tell it’s winter because people are wearing parkas, mitts, scarves and winter boots when they go out to warm up the car. The lines in parking lots are hidden by a layer of snow and there are cars spinning out of control on the highway and ending up in the ditch. Yeah, some morons are still wearing shorts and sandals, but as I mentioned they are morons and it would be a kindness to institutionalize them for the good of society.

Winter is here and has been for a couple of months. It will stay here until March 19th at 10:31 PM. It will be winter here probably well past that date, but by then -15° C will seem to be balmy and we will all be wearing spring jackets and trying to remember where we put our sandals back in September. Well, not the morons, their sandals will be beside the hospital bed, right next to their three favourite toes that are in a jar of formaldehyde.

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  1. Yeah the flip flops were put away last month and now I'm thinking I'll need a coat soon1 B