Monday 28 December 2015


So, Christmas is over for another year, the radio station that has been playing my holiday favourites since mid November are back to playing the top hits format. Lucky for me I can still get that music on Songza or Jango; for now anyways. The ads for Christmas and Boxing Day have now been replaced by Boxing Week ads and safe and responsible drinking behaviour for New Year’s Eve.

Louise and I hosted our family Christmas dinner yesterday and today I have succumbed to the illness that has been lurking in the background for a few days now. Not really a problem because I really have nothing that needs doing or anyplace that I need to go. All that I have to do is drink plenty of fluids, rest, and take whatever over-the-counter drugs that I think will give me a nice little buzz. It would help if they cured me as well, but the buzz is enough.

I decided today that I am not going to wait until New Years Day to make my resolutions this year. I know what they will be, the same ones pretty much that I made last year and the year before and the year before that. I will try to get in better shape, try to be a nicer person, spend more time on wood working, music playing, and general home upkeep. I will take the dog on regular walks and treat Louise as she deserves to be treated. I will attempt to do more wood working projects with the grandsons so that they will have a head start on something useful in their life. There are other things I need to work on, but they all pretty much fall under the category of self improvement.

The reason I have made the resolutions already is that I have also resolved to see how many will fall by the wayside in the next three days. I’ve never broken my resolutions twice in one year and if I play my cards right there is a very good chance I can make new resolutions on New Years Day after the resolutions of December 28th have been broken. I can see which ones have no chance at all and which ones made it to the third day. This way I can do some quality control on this whole resolution thing.

It could be a stroke of genius!

I guess it could also be just a minor stroke. It could be the fistful of cold medication I just dumped down my throat an hour or two ago. I suppose it is possible that the Paramedics are trying to bring me back and I am having an out of body experience. I hope that if that’s the case, then they are having a good and successful day.

Day one of the next year begins …NOW!!!!

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