Wednesday 9 December 2015

I May Have a Relapse

This is a crazy, busy time of year. It’s insane busy for “Holiday” Christians, I just can’t imagine what it must be like if you tossed a real strong belief in the almighty into the mix.

I can’t say that I am even a “Holiday” Christian any longer because I just don’t even think about going any longer. There was a time when we did go to church on a regular basis. I think of it like buying a lotto ticket, I used to buy the same numbers every week but they never did pay off, even just a little. So, I will drop into a church every now and then and hope that is the day God decides to mark attendance. If not, well as I recall, most religions are pretty big on forgiveness. Well, after some pretty serious punishment of course. How can you be an all kind and loving God if your followers don’t know how bad, “bad” can be.

Anyways, it was a busy day, I wrote a few Christmas cards, started to glue together some gingerbread houses, went to the 2nd hand store, made a few batches of cookies, and ate more than my share of candies that had been destined for the gingerbread houses, as well as watched too much TV. I cleaned up some of the yard as the weatherman has predicted that we will get snow tonight and the temperature will drop to normal values for this time of year. Outside stuff is done!

I didn’t feel like writing the blog tonight and had decided that I either do the thing or I don’t do the thing…drat! I picked up the paper and read my horoscope for today.

“If you don’t feel like working then don’t force yourself. There is no point starting anything too detailed. If possible, keep your powder dry until the new moon comes round on Friday. Then your enthusiasm will return.”

I like Sally Brompton the horoscope lady, at least I do today. So, don’t expect too much from me until Friday and I have a feeling that I may have a relapse on Saturday and for the rest of the year.

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