Thursday 29 January 2015

Sign The Books Out

Have you ever wondered just what it is that makes us human? Neither have I, until today.

Sure we have a big brain and opposable thumbs which enable us to make and use tools, manipulate things in our environment and they give us the ability to take a rock or a club and smash something’s brains out. It’s what we do. NO, I think that maybe it is our emotions that separate us from all of the other animals that walk, fly and swim around this planet.

I can honestly say that I have never seen a squirrel go into a rage when he can’t find the nuts he stashed last autumn. I’ve never seen one dancing ecstatically when he found those nuts either. I have watched two squirrels having sex and they seemed to be enjoying themselves quite a lot. I guess they found their nuts. I was wondering what the reaction would be if they couldn’t find the nuts for a day or so and then just as they are ready to give up, they remember where the nuts are. They run over and dig up the nut or nuts, crack one open only to find that it has gone bad. You know that taste of rotten nuts. It is just horrible. The squirrel takes a nibble and then just tosses it aside. They don’t get upset or angry; they just try to remember the location of the next stash.

Dogs seem to be happy pretty much all of the time. Well, dogs that live with you, dogs that live in houses you are trying to drop some mail off at are rarely friendly. Cats have just one emotion, indifference.

Today I was in the library trying to see if there is a book calling my name. There wasn’t, but we should never give up. On my way out, there were two men looking at the tray of kiddie books that the library staff picks out so that the kids can get an assortment without having to go through every book in the place. This helps with indecisive children and saves hours of time for the moms. I thought it was nice that these men who are from a country where the woman generally raises the kids would take the time to get some books for the kiddies. Of course they love their kids and it made me smile and somewhat renewed my faith in my species.

It is amazing how fast that warm, fuzzy feeling changed to disgust and disappointment. They took the bags of books and walked out of the library without signing them out. Now, I have no idea what the plan was, but I suspect that they just assumed they could take the books and bring them back when they were finished. They might bring the books back right away or the books might just get lost under a bed or in the bottom of a toy box. I followed them out and when I caught up to them I mentioned that the books needed to be signed out. They turned right around and went back into the library to sign them out. Well, I assume they signed them out; I had other things to do.

The library no longer has staff at the entrance and exit. I suppose it is a cost cutting measure, but if books keep disappearing, there won’t be any savings at all. No problem, just raise the taxes a little. Our city used to charge $12 dollars a year for a membership, but this January the library became free. I don’t think it was a good idea, but they say more money will be made in fines than they made in fees. Just good business I suppose.

Well, assuming people actually sign the books out. 

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