Thursday 8 January 2015

Je Suis Charlie

What the hell!
Now people that draw cartoons are being targeted by the whack-a-doodles. I understand that the cartoons are satirical cartoons which can pack quite a punch if done correctly, and from what I gather Charlie Hebdo does it right. I join with all of those who are morning the murdered people today and wish their loved ones and friends all the best in this trying time.

To me their deaths are indicators that the crazies responsible are on the wrong path. They aren’t heading towards enlightenment or whatever version of heaven they believe in; they are doomed to an existence that has no significance. I think most people are like me and don’t understand why they are doing these terrible things.

I have no idea what their problem is. I have read that they feel that the Judea-Christian peoples of the world are attempting to commit religious genocide on Muslims. I can’t remember anyone even mentioning Muslims before Al Qeada  started random attacks. Now, you can’t turn on the TV without some detective show chasing a Muslim terrorist for an hour in primetime. I am sure that there is cause for anger with some government that is supporting a government that one faction or another doesn’t like. I don’t think there is any reason to kill a cartoonist or two to teach the western world a lesson.

I really don’t understand the suicide bombers and the more or less suicide gunmen. They are going to die one way or another. If they want to die then they should just die. Problem solved! They can kill themselves, safely, and we can go about our lives without having to worry that some mentally challenged extremist blowing up a magazine office or coffee shop.

I am an ending kind of guy. What is the purpose of their attacks? If they do manage to get everything they desire, what then? Will the world be any different than it is now? Will it stay that way for any length of time or will some other whack-a-doodle nutbars decide that their God is the right one. The vast bulk of the worlds population are religious infrequently at best and we can’t understand the why we are hated so.

I do wish all those who are being threatened by the religiously intoxicated to be safe. I live in a country more or less free of such attacks, but who knows how long that will be for. I suspect that at the top of these terrorist organizations are men who just crave power and this is the way they have found to attain such power. Given enough time their followers will see them clearly and find honest and loving leaders to replace them. Until then, we will keep a closer watch on all who want to attack our way of life, and perhaps we can fix whatever it is that has put such a long hair up their collective asses.

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