Wednesday 27 November 2013

I suspect that when God created man in his own image, He assumed that mankind would evolve and improve with time and experience. He could never have imagined that we wouldn’t learn from others mistakes and history isn’t a teacher, it is just history.

He would have thought that His system of evolution and survival of the fittest would work in mankind’s favour. There was really no way to predict that not only would stupid attract stupid, but they would breed more and many stupid people and would eventually take over the world. Oh, there are still smart people, but they can’t seem to get the stupids to understand because stupid people are, well, stupid.

Today a man died in Calgary because he was stupid. It seems that he broke into the ENMAX power station in the early morning hours to steal copper. They found his body lying on the ground with a pair of bolt cutters next to his body. I guess the ten foot high fence with razor wire on the top and signs that say 
attached to the fence wasn’t hint enough. The fact that it was a power station and not a wire storage depot didn’t even cross his mind. I wonder if he had time to think “Oh Fuck!” before the electricity killed him?

The article I just read states that they no longer use copper, but they use something called copper-weld which has no scrap value at all. The guy’s death caused a minor power outage and tripped an alarm which notified ENMAX employees of the problem.

I wouldn’t be surprised if God wasn’t looking for a new spokesperson that will be able to refute the premise that man was created in God’s image. Send photo and resume to if you are interested in the position.

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