Monday 18 November 2013

I Am Pretty Sure

I was having a discussion with a friend and we got talking about TV shows that we liked. It’s funny that even though we have a lot in common, the commonality seems to end when it comes to entertainment. My taste in music tends towards soft rock or country rock, whereas my friend likes heavier rock, the kind that can fry your brain.
TV shows tend to be one of those things that are a very individual taste and I don’t expect my friends to like the same kind of shows that I do. After all, I for some inexplicable reason like The Princess Diaries and other mind numbing fluff like that. I also like shows where things get blown up with beautiful women in bathing suits and/or underwear. My buddy and I were talking and it turns out that he liked the Walking Dead series. I’ve never even seen the Walking Dead, but I am sure it is well done and very entertaining. I just don’t share the fascination that society seems to have with the living dead.

I don’t particularly like horror shows in general, and the really gory horror shows in particular. I had nightmares after watching Hitchcock’s Psycho and the Birds. Perhaps it was that those movies left a lot of horror for you to imagine. Chainsaws, axes, shotguns and various razor sharp knives that cause spurting blood and falling body parts just seem cartoonish to me. I’m sure if were my blood and body parts, I would have a different interpretation.

So, anyways, we were talking TV and my buddy said that “The Walking Dead is the way it would be if there were Zombies.”

“Maybe…but there aren’t zombies.” I said in my most reasonable voice.

“But if there were, this is how it would be!”

“Yeah, but there aren’t zombies!” I knew I wouldn’t win this discussion, perhaps he’d been bitten by one of those beings that cause you to say and believe in stupid Hollywood creations.
Just to be clear, THERE IS NOT NOW AND NEVER HAS BEEN ZOMBIES ON THE PLANET!!!! Or I might add that Dracula, werewolves and vampires don’t exist and if they did they wouldn’t be the gorgeous people that are on TV and movies now.

There might be Voodoo and black magic, I don’t believe in it but why piss those people off. I am sitting on the fence, much as I do with organized religion.
While I am at it, Elvis is dead! So are John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, John Denver and Mama Cass. It would be nice if they weren’t, but no one that spent that much effort rising to the top in the music industry would just go into hiding. They might want to, but it would be near impossible for them not to play music and genius can’t stay hidden. Oh, also, O.J. Simpson did kill his wife and got off on a technicality thought up by his very expensive legal team.

Well, I am pretty sure…

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