Tuesday 5 November 2013

Ten Pound Bag of Shit

What the FUCK?

I know that politicians are for the most part beneath contempt, and Canadian politics have driven that point home over the past few weeks. We are having a Senate scandal where three senators (the ones that got caught) have abused Canadian tax dollars. I thought that was their job. The scandal goes right to the Prime Ministers office. But being the coward that he is, Harper denied all knowledge of the wrong doing and has since tossed them under the proverbial bus. Harper is playing the part of Peter to Senator Duffy’s, Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think either Harper or Duffy should even be in the same sentence as Jesus and Saint Peter; it’s just that I could think of no better way to say what a bastard Harper is. If he would have just come out and said that Duffy is a loyal Conservative and we look after our own, the whole problem would have fizzled out weeks ago. Instead, there is so much denial going on you would think we were in Egypt.
Also on the political front, Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto has admitted to smoking crack and having drunken stupors. That is after months of denying he did crack. It’s like what I imagine watching the Hindenburg going down in flames would have been like. It would have been horrible to watch, but incredibly captivating at the same time. I’d probably even feel sorry for the pathetic excuse for a mayor if he showed any real remorse. The trouble with the situation is that he is making the City of Toronto a joke around the world.
What really amazes me is that there are still people who blindly follow Harper and Ford. On facebook today, one young woman called Fords admission of doing crack in a drunken stupor, as a brilliant PR decision. She thinks he will be able to take a couple of weeks off and then get right back to the business of governing Toronto. He has a problem!!!!! So does she!

I suspect that the stress of being in such a responsible position is more than his psyche can handle and it would be best for him (and everyone else) if he were to step down and look after his problems. No one wants to admit that they can’t do the job they were hired for, but sometimes you have to admit to being an example of the Peter Principal in action. He will more than likely drag out the inevitable until the end of his term and his loyal supporters will in years to come, lament over the fact that he needed another two or three terms in office to have fully realized his vision for a piece of heaven on earth. Poor deluded souls!

Harper is being the scum sucking politico that he is. His only friends are those who can help him and enemies are those that can’t. Thank God he and I will never be in the same room together, I couldn’t make small talk and smile at him, and I’d be worried that Louise would drop him like the ten pound bag of shit he is.

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