Friday 8 November 2013

This Kind of Drivel

I had planned on getting a few blogs written for nights like tonight. I have mentioned this before, several times, and guess what? I haven’t done it!

Sometimes I just start to write and a topic pops into my mind….well…. I’m waiting…

I thought about writing about the weather and how I have some friends that have either taken off for warmer climates or they are about to take off. These friends thoughtfully write blogs from time to time to let those of us still in the frozen north just what we are missing. They are hiking, biking, doing crafts and touring around seeing the sights where ever they have ended up. For the most part, I don’t envy them at all; partly because I would consider towing a fifth wheel more of a pain in the ass than a way to explore North America.

I have a neighbour that will only be going south for a couple of months this year. Normally, he and his wife leave in early November and return sometime around April. They have done this for ten or twelve years and would be doing it again this year except that their niece (who minds the house while they are gone) has found herself a young man that wants her to stay with him. I have always wondered what I would do with my big empty house if Louise and I were to go south. I guess we could purge a lot of our stuff (hahahahahaha) and rent the place for a few months. Where do you find someone that you can trust?

I would imagine there are businesses that will look after your property for a fee while you are gone, but I can’t imagine what the fee would be. Probably a few hundred a month, which wouldn’t be too terribly bad, but I’d have to do quite a bit of research before that would happen. I do know a few old farts that would be staying who I would feel better about paying them to look after the place while I am gone. I think this is the year I had better check this out.

I would more than likely rent or sub let a place for a few months in the warm place we decided to go. We could take our car and Buster with us, assuming we were staying on the continent. I’d have to take Buster, because it would be really hard to train Louise to bark at birds and people walking in front of the place. I suppose I could do it with enough positive reinforcement and handfuls of treats, but I don’t know if she would be comfortable perched on top of the couch looking out the window. I guess anything is possible…

Winter is just beginning here and I am already fed up with it. To tell the truth, I am pretty much fed up with everything. I need to find that happy making thing which seems to have slipped out for a coffee or vacation. Perhaps I should escape into my mind for a few weeks or so. I’d be okay if I make sure to leave a trail of crumbs or roll out a few balls of yarn so that I can find my way back. It’s none too organized in there!

Maybe I should put in some effort to write spare blogs for nights like this one, so that you don’t have to read this kind of drivel. 

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