Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Follow Up Interview

I was talking to a friend tonight and our conversation meandered like a stream trying to find its way through the forest. We talked of the weather, aches and pains, how to deal with said aches and pains, the power of the mind, how weak the mind can be at times, family, friends, those who are less than friends and more than enemies, how we fill our days, hobbies, the vagaries of life, grandchildren and music. We talked of other things, but you can get the idea that it wasn’t a terribly focused conversation, more of an evening sitting around an electronic table drinking virtual tea.

Karen mentioned that a while back her daughter-in-law, husband; friend played the guitar while her mother sang “Good Night Irene”. I find it pretty cool that three generations could get together and sing the same song. These three generations may be the last that can get together and sing together. I just don’t see us all getting together with guitars and singing “Astro Zombies” by the Misfits. I might be wrong; in fact I would be surprised if I weren’t.

I kind of want to apologize to Karen and John for keeping them up so late. It isn’t late for me, but I can appreciate that the time difference works in my favour. There was a time when they were just getting to the party at midnight. I just have to hope they don’t get the idea to call early in their morning, because they will meet “grumpy” Ken if they do.

There was a horrible accident at a construction site in Calgary early this morning. One of the workers fell from the fourth floor, bouncing against things on his way to the ground. Amazingly he is in serious condition, but is expected to live. There is a guy that has some unfinished business left to do on the planet.

The local news stations coverage was pretty funny. They interviewed a baker that worked in a restaurant across the street from the construction site. He didn’t see the guy fall, or go to give first aid, but he did come outside when the ambulance and cop cars arrived. They could have interviewed me. I didn’t see anything either and my English was a little better than his. He was a little more ruggedly handsome than I am, but only marginally so. They could have talked to the site foreman or some of his fellow workers, even one of the EMT’s or cops that were there.

I’m thinking that since it was early morning, the news crew figured they might just as well have breakfast in the restaurant across the street. While they were there why not talk to the handsome guy covered in flour.

I’m kind of looking forward to the follow up interview tomorrow.

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