Sunday 23 June 2013

Bake Their Brains

The other day I was looking out of my bedroom window with a pair of binoculars. I had put up a birdhouse that up until the other day had gone vacant, and I was just trying to see what the new, feathered neighbours look like. Don’t get me wrong, if I could see anything in the windows of my other neighbours I probably would, but curtains and trees have put a stop to my being the neighbourhood Peeping Tom.

The term “Peeping Tom” used to describe a voyeur is thought to have started from a guy named Tom who watched Lady Godiva when she was riding naked. I guess all of the other peasants must have been busy working in the fields, because I don’t know many men that wouldn’t watch a naked woman riding by on a horse. It just isn’t the kind of thing you see everyday. Well, perhaps Tom does, but I don’t.

The birdhouse is made from a pot with a couple of holes drilled into it and if I were a newly married small bird couple, it would be a terrific home to start raising a family. I might upgrade in a few years once my career as a bird took off as it were, but for now a nice clay bungalow would fit the bill…or beak. I think the bird couple are Thrushes, or they could be Sparrows, to tell the truth, all of them look the same to me. I would have liked to have Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers, Warbler or an Ovenbird take up residence, but since the only thing I am getting for providing a house is bird shit, I really don’t care.

The point of this bird talk is just to let you know I was looking through the binoculars. When I got bored looking at the birds (about a minute) I raised my sights and saw the roof of the garage. It looked really cool with the corners all turned up and most of the grit having been washed off and I thought that it would make a good picture. The trouble with architecture that will make good pictures is that generally speaking, the part of the building in question is in bad shape. I have put off calling in the roofer because; well, because, well, yeah, I don’t know why. I just can’t put it off any longer.

Once the roof gets done, there will be nothing hanging over my head anymore. Well, the roof will be over my head and it will be waterproof for about twenty years. Whoever owns the house after that can worry when the roof of the garage looks really cool. I suppose that by then they will have done away with asphalt shingles and be using some kind of energy shield. It is possible that the city will be under a dome and there will be no use for roofs at all. Well, as long as they keep the birds out of the dome there shouldn’t be a use for roofs.

However, for now we still need to keep the water and snow out of the house, so I will wait by the phone for Mohamed to call back and eventually give me a quote. I still haven’t decided whether or not I will do my own garage, but I am leaning towards letting the professionals break their backs and bake their brains.

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