Monday, 17 June 2013

I Am Hungry

I find that lately I am beginning to like billionaires. I used to dislike them because they had over a billion dollars and I suppose that I was somewhat jealous. Okay, I was a lot jealous. I know, I know…money can’t buy happiness and all of those people who have tons of money aren’t all that happy. Uh-huh! They have their problems too, but you can bet that making the car payment every month isn’t one of them.

Yes, nothing is free and these ultra wealthy pay for their good fortune in ulcers, lack of a normal family life, long, long hours at work and the decisions they make can have a major effect on thousands and thousands of people’s lives. Still, I would like to give it a try for a few days or a month.

I was watching TV tonight when a commercial came on for Superstore. It featured my favourite billionaire Galen Weston Jr. I don’t think Jr. is actually a billionaire, but his father is and he certainly will be soon enough I imagine. Galen Jr. was doing a commercial for Presidents Choice pork products where he walks around a pig farm with the family who run it. They talk about not using antibiotics, feeding the hogs grain that is grown on the farm and how they stand behind the product because their family eats the pork they produce. Great commercial.

The only thing about the commercial is that you don’t see one pig on the farm. I would have thought that while Galen Jr. and this family were talking, the pigs would be cavorting in the background, playing Croquet or sitting around a pool with one of those tropical umbrella drinks in hand. A nice cool “Sowhito” or a “Pigga Colada” wouldn’t be out of line. I even get the impression from the commercial that the pig shit wouldn’t stink. I have driven past pig farms and sometimes it literally will bring tears to your eyes, kind of like shit smelling onions.

I can understand why they don’t show the gritty underbelly of raising hogs, but I would rather see parts of those hogs sizzling of the BBQ at some family or community picnic. I guess having a billionaire retailer walking around a farm with a family who are just scraping by is the best way to sell bacon.

God…now I’m hungry for bacon.

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