Friday 18 November 2011


Well, winter came to stay today. We all knew it was just a matter of time, but being optimists we always hope that it will hold off until just before Christmas. I guess that just isn’t to be this year.

Oh, the signs were all there indicating an early winter. The Stampeders were shut out of the Grey Cup which isn’t really a surprise, but being optimists we always hope that it will hold off until just before Christmas. Lite 96, a local radio station, started to play all Holiday music from now until Christmas day. Being optimists we always hope that it will hold off till a couple of weeks before Christmas. This is the weekend that most cities have their Santa Claus parade. I am always optimistic that once the parade happens I will be inclined or should I say panicked into getting the presents for Christmas. It never works, but I am always optimistic.

It was clearly cold because when I opened the door for Buster to do his morning ablutions, he was back inside in about ten seconds. You know, for an animal that has a brain the size of a walnut and spends most of his time smelling other dog’s urine, he showed pretty good sense. Only a fool would go out in weather like this if they didn’t have to. When Dave called and asked if I was up for coffee I said when and where? I could have put him off, but it seems that I am something of a fool. I am certainly not as bright as Buster, because instead of his usual barking when I left he was just sitting curled up and looking a little smug.

I needed to get out anyways. It seems that there was a glitch in my Holter monitor readings from a couple of weeks ago and the test needed to be repeated. I just hope that they don’t end up naming some heart affliction after me. Nothing interesting happened at the hospital this time. No crazy ladies running away and no security force trying to bring her back into “protection”.

I decided that for the rest of the day I was going to be more dog like and curl up in front of the television watching some badly made movie, or listen to Christmas music on Lite 96. I am really a sucker for Christmas music. I am one of the few that actually listen to holiday music all year round. It has nothing to do with my being a chubby, greying elderly gentleman that happens to like wearing red plaid and loves children. I like cookies too, but since Louise and I have taken to watching what we put in our mouths I am afraid that cookies and I may just have to cool our relationship this year.

Well, I suppose I had best break out the long johns, toques and wool socks. Where did I put those scarves last spring…?

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