Tuesday 15 November 2011

Bogged In The Blog

The way that I write these things is that I just sit down and start to write. The odd time I will have something that I have thought about during the day or a memory popped into my head. No big plan and nothing to prove. Well, if you are a regular reader you must know that there isn’t a great deal of thought that goes into this.

I am having a Dickens of a time coming up with something to write about tonight. This is the fourth attempt and it seems to be doing all right, but a blog about not being able to write the blog seems to be pretty lame. Okay, lame it is!

I could write about my walk with Buster this morning, well I could if anything interesting had happened. That is the thing about Buster; he really doesn’t do anything very interesting. I suppose that if you were interested in sleeping, eating, barking at squirrels and smelling for traces of other dog’s urine, then he is interesting. We did meet our friend Patricia walking her dog Zooey and buster and I turned around and walked with them. Talking to Pat is far more fun than watching Buster disgrace himself on someone’s lawn. Other than that, it was a normal walk.

I was going to go to have a coffee and muffin, but I am on this “watch what you put in your mouth” kind of diet and muffins are bad for you. They would be the Hitler of the food world. Maybe not Hitler, but perhaps Mussolini. Pretty bad, but there are foods that are worse, like Five Guys burgers and fries. That would be the Hitler! Pastries would pretty much be Napoleon. So, anyways I didn’t go out but stayed in and had a stick of celery and an apple. They are the good guys of the food world, but who remembers the good guys?

I decided to work on repairing the chair and start to winterize the house. The chair is frustrating, finicky detail stuff that I can only do for a short period of time. The house is getting its unused windows covered in plastic to keep the winter cold out. I picked up some of those outlet insulator thing-a-ma-jiggys and will tackle that tomorrow. I promise not to write about that, unless they are really useless.

Tomorrow is another day and I had best get to sleep so that when I wake up I can be at my sunniest best. Yeah…right!

Written but not read. I was smarter than you…  


  1. Yes your right not much happening in your world yesterday, ahhh such is life when your retired. There are days when you have to make things happen and believe me it's easy to grab another coffee and say to hell with it! I remember when I'd have all these jobs to get done on the weekend, well now the weekend never ends. Don't get me wrong being bored is better then working by a long shot. Well out the door we go to walk down along the beach. B

  2. vending machine guy19 November 2011 at 20:53

    A Dickens of a time coming up with something to write about? Dickens probably didn't have too much trouble, that's why he was Dickens!