Thursday 30 March 2017

Thin Out the Flotsom

I don’t know why, but I have been thinking about my own mortality of late. I feel fine for the most part, just the odd twinge every now and then, but that comes from decades of wear and tear on what began as genetically inferior stock from somewhere in England. My ancestors were pasty faced specimens that were happy to be called “wiry”. They were conquered and enslaved by the Vikings and Romans over the centuries and eventually learned how to enslave others, eventually owning a third of the world. Mostly due to better technology and the conviction that they were doing the work of God and they also had no qualms about sending people into the world to kill and die.

The main reason for this blog is to document my thoughts and idiosyncrasies so that my children and grand children can get a sense of who I was after I pass on. I would give anything to be able to read the daily thoughts of my parents and grandmother. I suspect that there will be little or no interest, but at least they will have the option.

Lately I have been thinking if I die tonight, what will be the impression that I leave for my loved ones. To tell the truth, I don’t really care how anyone else feels or thinks, just family. Even if I could, I wouldn’t attend my funeral because it would piss me off if people were sad when I thought they should be happy and I would be equally upset if they didn’t give me the respect I think I should get. No, I am going to the light…

I look into my medicine cabinet and wonder what will be the impression it leaves. They will see a half used tube of toothpaste, some deodorant, toothbrush, floss, assorted medication and a brush that is missing many bristles from long use. I get sad looking in there. Yesterday I took the initiative and bought a new hair brush. My cabinet will look just a little less pathetic.

I kind of feel sorry for whoever has to go through my stuff. Most of it is garbage that only I can find interesting. There are some gems, but for the most part you should just back up a dumpster to the door and fill ‘er up. Take something for memories and whatever tools or useful items there might be. I guess I should start to thin out the flotsam.

Maybe next week… 

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