Wednesday 8 March 2017


I subscribed to the newspaper for most of my life. Well, up until about ten years ago that is. There are only two papers in Calgary, the Sun and the Herald. Yes there is the national version of the “Mope and Wail”, but the writing style and articles left me saying “Who cares?” The other two local papers were not very good either, but they did have the horoscope, entertainment section, crossword and the comics.

Those local papers were always conservative leaning and rarely reflected my point of view. I’d like to think they were wrong for all of those years and I was the lone voice of reason. Neither paper has reporters of their own and just takes stories from the wire services. I am sure it is a cost thing, but I think cost shouldn’t be the determining factor for truth. I think people should be nice to each other as well, but that doesn’t always work out.

So, ten years ago I started saving money and got my news from the internet. You have to take those stories with a grain of salt, but if you work at it you can get more in depth than a newspaper ever would. Lately, I can have access to thousands of newspapers from around the world online through my library. It is awesome! You can find out that the rest of the world thinks that Trump is a douche bag too.
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I still get some news and the suduko, horoscope and crossword in the free Metro which I pick up daily. They also have a few pages of news which is more fun and local. I guess they can afford reporters. Probably their reporters are journalism students that work for free.
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So in today’s Metro there was an article that told me gravity is measurably lower in and around Hudson’s Bay. Cool!! It is due to the ice age and the glaciers scrapping off huge amounts of rock which causes the mass of the area to be less than the rest of the world…I guess. I thought gravity was equal for the planet. I guess those people who are on Weight Watchers around Hudson’s Bay have it made.

I know you are saying, “Why should we believe you? You read comic books in science class and handed in a major project dedicated to man eating worms of Scarborough Ontario.” All of that is true, but I am much more mature and intellectual now. Really! I am!

Okay, here is a link so you can check it for yourself.

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