Saturday 25 March 2017

Fond Memories

Louise and I went into Tim’s for our morning coffee and when it came time to pay we were told that coffee was free this morning thanks to the generosity of Bryce and Phyllis. You see, Bryce and Phyllis have been married for fifty years and they thought it would be a nice gesture to celebrate by purchasing coffee for strangers at their local Tim Horton’s. Nice!

I am sure that Bryce and Phyllis are celebrating their golden anniversary in other ways with family and friends by their sides. Maybe they have or will be going on a vacation of a lifetime to do a river cruise of European countries to see fairytale castles and thousand year old bridges. They might be a surprise party organized by the grand children in a hall with pictures of Bryce and Phyllis from when they first met through the fifty years of living, working, laughing, loving and raising a family together. Not all times would have been happy and there were more than enough times when they struggled to make ends meet. However, they survived and managed to stay together for fifty years. That is quite an accomplishment.

While we were sitting there, enjoying a coffee for me and a steeped tea for Louise, we talked about Bryce and Phyllis and we agreed that they had a novel and interesting way of sharing their good fortune. Maybe in another few years, God willing, Louise and I will share our fifty years together with strangers, paying a good life forward.

From what I understand, the free coffee will only be for a limited time. I guess that Bryce and Phyllis gave a certain amount of money and when that was gone so was the free coffee. By then there would be hundreds (?) of people that had a very pleasant surprise to start their day off.

There was a fellow at the next table who got his coffee, sat down and made a phone call. I couldn’t help but listen in, in spite of having to shush Louise several times. He started the conversation with “Hey, I just got a free coffee at the Tim’s at Barlow and 39th. Yeah, some couple, (Bryce and Phyllis) are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary by buying coffees.” I thought that this guy is calling a radio station to pass on the good news and maybe get more people feeling good about Bryce and Phyllis. Do you think the radio station should mention the free coffee, or would it be better if they just mentioned the deed and not say which Tim Horton’s it was in order to avoid the inevitable rush from bargain hunters throughout the northeast of the city?

It turns out that the guy at the next table was telling his friends not so that they could come and share with Bryce and Phyllis, but to have this guy get extra large coffees for them. Black so that they could put what they didn’t drink into a thermos I suppose. I doubt that is what Bryce and Phyllis had in mind, but after being on the earth for at least seven decades I am sure it wouldn’t come as a surprise. People will be people after all.

Well, the person writing this blog has nothing but good wishes for Bryce and Phyllis and I hope that whatever they are doing today is full of love, laughs and fond memories…

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