Monday 3 April 2017

Another Busy Day

So, I have nothing to say tonight.

I guess I will just tell you about my day for want of anything interesting. I did sleep in this morning which I don’t generally do. Part of the reason was that Buster had to go for his shots at 10:30 and I didn’t want to get too involved in anything. Somehow I figured that staying horizontal would be a more productive use of my time as opposed to say going for a walk or doing some carving. I am beginning to think that I am unable to prioritize my life. Only took six decades…

The vet gave Buster a clean bill of health. Well, his teeth have unhealthy plaque build up and I am supposed to brush his teeth on a regular basis. My dentist has trouble getting me to brush on a regular basis. The alternative is to take him in and have some doggy dentist scrape the plaque from his teeth. I can just see it now, Buster is unconscious and the vet is singing “ scrape…$10…scrape…$20…scrape…$30…etc.” I won’t tell you how much it would cost, because I have blanked that memory out for ever. The way I see it, is if Buster was or is worried about his teeth, he should have saved some money or gotten a job that came with a dental plan. The only drawback is that Louise was there and she can be a soft touch when it comes to animal suffering.

We stopped at Tim’s for a coffee on the way home, but I couldn’t enjoy it. I kept imagining some do gooder breaking the window on my car to protect Buster from suffering somehow. He had a blanket and the car was pleasantly warm when we left. Besides, if he were in the wild he would be running from the coyotes, mountain lions, feral cats or any number of birds of prey. NO birds of prey were getting in my car without the proper key fob!

After that; lunch and a little puttering until I went out for coffee again with my buddy. When I got home I did a little more puttering and then out to pick up something for dinner. Ham and scalloped potatoes if you must know. More puttering after supper did the dishes and more puttering. I did put the finishing touches on an end grain cutting board I made. The cutting board should work fine; after all it is wood and flat…ish which are the key attributes of a cutting board. Tomorrow I must find something to cut.

That kind of brings me up to the present. Blog is pretty much done and I am ready to pack it in for the night. I my have another busy day tomorrow like I had today.

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