Sunday 12 March 2017

Better Times Ahead

This is the last day of the deep freeze and quite possibly tomorrow will be the first day of actual spring. I am sick of the cold weather and although I welcomed winter with open arms back in December, my arms and heart are now closed!

My good friends out in Ontario are bracing for a big winter storm coming their way. With luck this will be old man winters last kick at the can for the year. The pussies that live on Vancouver Island are more concerned with the problem of whether or not last year’s flip flops or sandals go with the shorts they are wearing. Probably they are wearing clogs and rubber boots with the shorts while they get the garden ready.

I’m not bitter. Yes I am! However, at least I saw the sun for a good portion of the winter even though it was through a filter of ice fog.

Wherever you happen to be in this great country of ours, or how shitty the weather we don’t have the government that the US has for the coming four years.

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