Wednesday 11 January 2017

End This Now

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So, it is minus 21 but feels ten degrees colder. I have been out in colder weather, but it wasn’t what I would call a fun time. Doable, but not fun.

I have no real reason that I need to venture forth in unpleasant weather, but I will go for coffee, pick up the mail and every now and then I need to buy food. Worse case scenario I am outside for maybe five or ten minutes shovelling the snow. I do spend a lot of my day walking past windows, watching the wind blow snow sideways and feeling sorry for the poor sods that have to work outside on days like today. I was one of them for thirty years. No longer!

I am older and feel the cold a little more than I used to. Oh, I could still work outside and now and then I will test myself, but if I could choose I would be walking past windows and watching the palm trees blowing in the wind. Choices…

I can’t help but cast my mind back in time before central heating and synthetic filled jackets. I don’t even want to think about using outdoor facilities when it is below -30. I have had the pleasure when it was just above freezing and it wasn’t something I would want to do for any length of time. No reading on the can.

Can you imagine having to wake up to a home that was well below freezing and having to start the fire to make something warm to get you through the day of outdoor chores. Not my idea of how to live a life. I am happy to have been born when and where I was.

We set our thermostat to 15° C at night to save on the fuel bill while we are snuggled under several comforters. Right now it has dropped to 19° C and I am feeling the chill. I could go and adjust the temperature a few degrees while I finish the blog or I could end this now.

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