Saturday 31 December 2016

A Good Cause

So…New Year’s Eve 2016.

It seems just under a year ago it was 2015 and we had high hopes for 2016. Somehow I was going to get into shape with little or no effort. In 2016 the universe was going to reward me financially for being the wonderful person that I am. My family would be healthy and happy for the most part. Haters would stop hating and we humans would start to like each other enough to care about starvation, sickness and war in other countries. Sigh…

Some things came to pass. Some things remained the same. Mostly though, I just managed to age another year watching the world plod steadily forward. Humanity seems to be struggling up a shale slope of hope, two steps up and one and a half back. Some years we make it a little higher on the slope and others we lose ground. Last year I don’t believe we made any real progress at all.

That is what 2017 is for, progress. The coming year will enable our hopes and dreams to soar and with any luck it will be a year that people will sing about for a thousand years. Maybe we will decide that success isn’t about accumulation wealth but accumulating Karma. Maybe in the coming year we can become the people we should be. Maybe we will enable others to become the people they should be. Maybe those in power will realize that they are in power to help those who look to them for salvation.


I don’t believe that 2017 will be a stellar year for the human race. The three most powerful countries have leaders that seem to care more about power than people. The USA just elected Donald Trump. I would have preferred they elected Donald Chimp, but no one asked my opinion. I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think so. This looks like it will be one of those years when we slide further back down the slope. I have never wished ill of someone before, but if we all focus our energy I am sure we could cause Donald to have a massive stroke, genital warts or a really uncomfortable rash.

That isn’t true; I have wished others ill before, I just haven’t been successful. Maybe this is the year when dreams come true and the people come together for a good cause.

I hope that in spite of what is happening in the world you will make your corner a little brighter, love a little more and enjoy the small successes you have in your life.

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