Wednesday 18 January 2017


While mom and dad are in Ottawa on a business trip/vacation for a few days, Louise and I are looking after Tsunami. Should be fun. I think she is still too young to understand that mom and dad aren’t coming and this old guy is all she has to look forward to. We all face disappointment in life and become stronger for it. Of course sometimes we are broken. Tsunami should be fine…

I tend to stress over upcoming events like looking after a two year old. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because of how badly I screwed up my own kids. They are fine now that they have been on their own for nearly twenty years. The facial tics have all but disappeared.The bed wetting remains a problem, but adult diapers have come a long way and you wouldn’t even know they are wearing them. Well, except for the smell of course.

I am pretty much beat and am just staying awake because I don’t want to get up too early. Wait a minute. I have a two year old in the house I will be up far too early. I’m going to bed!

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