Saturday 21 January 2017

Unless I Wanted It

This is going to be a short one tonight because I just spent the day with a toddler (Tsunami) and I am beat. I also have to go and pick up Tsunami’s mom and dad at the airport in an hour or so.

So, this is the first day of the new world order and so far so good. Not for everyone of course, but my little corner of the world seems to be doing alright. I suspect that the next four years will be two steps back for every step forwards.

One of the good things is that the people are starting to get organized to protect the rights and privileges that took so long to get in the first place. There was the Women’s March in Washington held today which was supported by like minded people all over the world. There will be many more of these in the coming years. I might just have to dust off my tie-dyed t-shirts, my leather visor, Roots negative heel shoes and I think the old hash pipe is in a tobacco can somewhere in the garage. With any luck grass will be legalized in the next few months and I will be tuned and ready to go.

We just need to have some awesome music to score our protests. It would be nice if the current generation would produce the right music, but if needed then I will dust off my album collection, buy a new needle for the record player and I’ll be in business.

Of course I will have to make allowances for my age. I’ll need to find some healthy munchies a soft cushion for the sit ins, some arthritis medicine so that I will be able to give “the PIGS” the finger. I have never been in jail so that might be fun. There will be regular sex anyways even if it isn’t what I mean by free love.

Maybe I will just donate to some good causes instead. I could bring coffee and donuts to the youngsters who are staging the sit-ins. That way I could be involved and not have anal sex from some neo-Nazi…. Unless I wanted it.

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